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True Believers Fantastic Four vs. Doctor Doom (2018) comic books

  • Issue #1
    True Believers Fantastic Four vs. Doctor Doom (2018) 1

    Reprinting Fantastic Four (1961) #5 Written by Stan Lee. Art and Cover by Jack Kirby. "Prisoners of Doctor Doom!" Part 1 Doctor Doom takes the Invisible Girl hostage to insure her teammates' obedience. Part 2 Back to the Past!; Doctor Doom brings the FF to his castle stronghold in the USA; There he sends the Torch, the Thing and Mr. Fantastic back in time to retrieve the pirate Blackbeard's treasure. Part 3 On the Trail of Blackbeard; The Thing takes command of a sailing ship in the era of the pirate Blackbeard. Part 4 Battle; The Thing takes on the role of Blackbeard the Pirate and wishes to remain in the past. Part 5 "The Vengeance of Doctor Doom!"; Doom tries to kill the FF when they return from the past, but Invisible Girl saves them. Doom escapes with his jetpack. 28 pages, full color. All Ages Cover price $1.00.