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Mythstalkers (2003) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Mythstalkers (2003) 1

    (W) Douglas Barre (A/C) Jiro FC32pp$2.95Ongoing Monthly series. The Concept: What if everything that anyone ever believed was true? The world is on the cusp of the twentieth century... but before it can embrace the future, it's got to deal with its mythic past... a past that is inexplicably returning to life. Standing between legend and science is the Society for Cryptozoological Research: a wastrel of a lord, an inventor knight, a retired army colonel, a stage prestidigitator and a woman with the audacity to wear trousers. Together, they're the only hope of discovering the truth... if they don't run afoul of resurrected gods, the government of the British Empire and their own sordid pasts first! This Issue: After a heated battle with a Finnish troll yields clues to the location of the fabled Labyrinth of Crete, the Mythstalkers set out to hunt the Minotaur. Unfortunately, the mysterious Ministry of Objective Sciences is determined to stop them from leaving the country... by any means available to the Crown! Don't give away the secret ending! Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #2
    Mythstalkers (2003) 2

    (W) Douglas Barré (A) Jiro (Cover) Jiro FC32pp$2.95Ongoing Monthly series In stores the week of April 2nd. The Concept: The myths are coming back. Trolls and faeries, giants and dragons, monsters and gods are no longer merely the stuff of legend. It's 1894, and in the dark corners and shadows of the world the myths are alive once more. The only hope to discover the truth is the Society for Cryptozoological Research, an explorers club dedicated to investigating and understanding the reappearance of creatures that " Should Not Be". Three things stand in their way: ancient gods with a sinister agenda, the mysterious disappearance of the last Society... and the British Empire. This Issue: The Mythstalkers' journey to the Labyrinth at Crete takes an unfortunate turn as they encounter the ghost pirates known as The Cheated. Of course, that's not nearly as bad as being shipwrecked on the island of the legendary Cyclops. Back in England things aren't much better. The time traveler, Coble, tightens his grip on London, and British mobsters, Batson and Quill, meet their new boss... the faerie witch, Valende. Confused? You won't be... if you read this issue of Mythstalkers! Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #3
    Mythstalkers (2003) 3

    (W) Douglass Barré (A) Jiro (Cover) Jiro FC32pp$2.95Ongoing monthly series In stores the week of May 7th The Concept: In 1866, Arthur Valence, the Duke of Marston, along with his four closest associates, vanished from the face of the Earth. These five men were known as the Society for Cryptozoological Research. It is now 1893, and his son Kenneth, Lord Marston, has given up his life of decadent indulgence to take up his father's mantle. Now he leads the Society, tracking down the mythical creatures that are mysteriously returning to existence, while evading the government ministry conspiring to stop them. Unfortunately, the forces that caused the disappearance of the 1866 Society are also still out there... and Kenneth Valence's actions have not gone unnoticed! This issue: The Labyrinth, part three of four "Stories Told"?Trapped without weapons or equipment in the cave of the man-eating Cyclops Gorgorymus, the Mythstalkers have only one hope... the silver-tongued wit of wealthy layabout Kenneth, Lord Marston. If by some miracle, that's enough to save them, then they've got to face the cursed pirate crew known as the Cheated and the shocking secret of the Minotaur itself! Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #4
    Mythstalkers (2003) 4

    (W) Douglass Barré (A) Jiro (Cover) Jiro FC32pp$2.95Ongoing monthly series In stores the week of June 4th There are two things you need to know about the man named Mister Coble. First, he's the head of the British Ministry of Objective Sciences, the branch of the Empire's government that deals with so-called "supernatural" or "spiritual" matters... and by "deal with," we mean "terminate." Second, he's actually traveled back to 1893 from the year 2006 for one reason alone: to stop the Mythstalkers. This Issue: The Labyrinth, Part Four of Four?"What Your People Call Labyrinth, My People Call Maze" In the Labyrinth of Crete, the Mythstalkers found far more Minotaur than they expected... and the only one left conscious is the retired army Colonel, Augustus Durant. How can one old man defeat a trio of man-killers? And assuming he does, there's still the matter of getting a live Minotaur back to London. That's London... where Mister Coble waits for their return. Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #5
    Mythstalkers (2003) 5

    Written by Douglass Barre. Art and Cover by Jiro. In 1893, a band of five adventurers gathered together to track down mythological creatures and discover the truth behind their reappearance. But...they ran afoul of Britain's Ministry of Objective Sciences and its leader, the time traveler Mister Coble, made a pact with the captain of a ghost ship of pirates, succumbed to a strange transforming curse, were shipwrecked on a Cyclops-infested island, and had to sneak back into England disguised as drunk sailors. And they're just getting started. In this issue: After the tragic events of the Minotaur Expedition, the Mythstalkers regroup and recover back in London. Unfortunately, they didn't reckon with the faerie princess Valende and her sudden control of London's criminal underworld. That's the bad news. The good news is that the Mythstalkers' arch-nemesis, Mister Coble, didn't either. Now the two enemies are both targeted by an organization both sinister and supernatural that threatens to overrun London...and it's all being made possible by one of the Mythstalkers themselves! 32 pages, full color. Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #6
    Mythstalkers (2003) 6

    (W) Douglass Barré (A) Jiro FC 32 pp $2.95 Monthly ongoing series In stores the week of September 3rd. THE CONCEPT: In 1893, a band of five adventurers gathered together to track down mythological creatures and discover the truth behind their reappearance. They are: Kenneth Valence, the Earl of Marston and the effete leader of the Society, Colonel Augustus Durant (retired), ex-big game hunter who refuses to kill, Mr. Victor Terranove, prestidigitator, gambler, and reformed skeptic, Mrs. Cassandra Chatterton, overly scandalous lady adventurer, and Sir Charles Rutledge Brown, scholar, engineer, and 19th century nerd. Can five Victorian adventurers share an alliance without driving each other crazy? THIS ISSUE: In part two of London Nights... a) Kenneth, Lord Marston and Mrs. Chatterton venture into Faerieland in a desperate attempt to recover their child... but are they ready to face the eerily familiar forces gathered against them? b) Victor, who's lost his soul over a gambling debt, recruits Augustus to help him reclaim it from the magically empowered gangsters Batson and Quill. c) The Faerie princess Valende launches a siege against the Mythstalkers' headquarters, and the only person inside to defend is... Sir Charles. d) All of the above, because you deserve three plots. Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #7
    Mythstalkers (2003) 7

    (W) Douglass Barré (A) Jiro FC 32pp $2.95 Monthly Ongoing series In stores the week of October 1st. THE CONCEPT: In 1893, five disparate adventurers began a quest that would eventually change the face of the civilized world. This is their story. In 2006, a time traveler went back to the Victorian Age to prevent five adventurers from changing the face of the civilized world. This is his story. In ancient times, gods walked the earth and monstrous creatures dwelt in the corners and shadows of the world, and now they're determined to come back. This is their story. Mythstalkers. We've got a story for everyone. THIS ISSUE: Three stories whet your appetite for Victorian High Adventure this month! Watch as Lord Marston and Mrs. Chatterton lie, cheat and steal their way into the citadel of the Queen of Night! Gape as Victor and Colonel Durant fight a legion of gangsters and nursery bogies to recover Victor's soul from Batson and Quill! Marvel as Sir Charles single-handedly defends the Society headquarters from a siege led by the vengeful Valende! All this... and Coble continues his spate of blatant anachronism! Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #8
    Mythstalkers (2003) 8

    (W) Douglass Barré (A) Jiro BW 32 pp Monthly ongoing series In stores the week of December 24th. THE CONCEPT: The Society for Cryptozoological Research (colloquially known as the "Mythstalkers") is an adventurer's club dedicated to tracking down and studying the mythological creatures that are mysteriously returning to the world of 1893. Unfortunately, right now they're too busy trying to save themselves from a notorious London crimelord allied with the otherworldly Unseelie Court, a vengeful and beautiful faerie princess, and the scariest creatures ever found in pre-Seussian children's literature to do any investigation. Maybe next issue. THIS ISSUE: "London Nights," Part Four of Four: Love Means Never Having To Say "I Will Return To Wreak Horrible Vengeance Upon You And Your Kin, Foolish Mortal." Lots available in Mythstalkers #8: 1 (one) human child, named Emmaline Chatterton. 1 (one) human soul, once belonging to Victor Terranove. 1 (one) transformed faerie nobleman, answers to Vastarin. The building at 1071 St. Davies Street, also known as "Headquarters for the Society of Cryptozoological Research." A 10,000 (ten thousand) pound debt marker owed to purported crime lord Mr. Fitzhugh. Control of London. All items must go by end of issue. Bids from heroes discouraged. Cover price $2.95.