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League of Extraordinary Cerebi (2018 Aardvark) comic books

  • Issue #1
    League of Extraordinary Cerebi (2018 Aardvark) 1

    Written and Art by Dave Sim, Gustave Dore, Benjamin Hobbs, Sandeep Atwal, and Dante Alghieri. Cover by Benjamin Hobbs. Meet The League of Extraordinary Cerebi 2.0: Cerebus! SuperCerebus! 'Pappy' Cerebus! Dr. Cerebus and Mr. Vark! The Batvark Triplets! Sammy Batvark! Danny Batvark! Manny Batvark! The Visible Aardvark! Membership dues! Why Sean Connery is banned from League HQ! The Biggest Trade in Hell (The LOEC2 for the 1927 New York Yankees!)! The League of Licensed Cerebi! Whatever happened to the League of Yesterday? Young Pappy! Gerebus Strong! Dlal A for Aardvark! Miracle Vark and/or Marvel Vark! Dr. Varkhatten! Cocaine! Offshore Cayman Islands Bank Account Immanuel! Cerebus vs. Two Gentlemen of Verona! Super-Cerebus to the Rescue of the Whore of Babylon! Super-Gerebus vs. Batvark! Batvark vs. The League of Miniaturized Super-Cerebus Robots! 24 pages, B&W. Mature Readers Cover price $4.00.