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Heroes Anonymous (2003) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Heroes Anonymous (2003) 1

    by Morrison, Gimple & Jothikumar Action! Comedy! Anxiety! Capes! Welcome to the world of Heroes Anonymous ? a new bi-monthly black-and-white mini-series from Bongo that explores the inner psyche of super-types gathered together to work out their problems, support one another, and save the world. Our series begins with the tale of Attaboy; a former kid sidekick and current twenty-something convenience store employee, obsessed with a bad '80s sitcom and perhaps, his past superheroic failures. What could possibly bring him out of his slacker- funk? A girl, a breakfast cereal, and a villain known only as the Arbiter! From Bill Morrison and Scott M. Gimple, the minds that brought you Roswell: Little Green Man and ABC Saturday Morning's Fillmore! ? make your appointment today! b&w, 32pg (1 of 6) $2.99 Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #2
    Heroes Anonymous (2003) 2

    by Gimple, Morrison, Guerra, & Pepoy It's tough living up to the family name. It's even tougher living up to the family superhero name. And it's really tough when you have no idea what the name means in a contemporary context. Thus, we present the story of The Gay Avenger ? full of pathos, action, and embarrassing name-derived misunderstandings! Witness the life of Butch Baxter, raised on a rice paddy in the Midwest, home schooled, and shielded from anything more threatening than polka music! Assuming his grandfather's heroic mantle, he travels to Gothopolis and discovers that to city folks, the name "The Gay Avenger" doesn't translate as "The Happy Vengeance Man." Not that he has time to sulk: he's in love with a lesbian, at war with Neo-Nazis, and desperately trying to correctly use modern slang! MATURE READERS b&w, 32pg (2 of 6) $2.99 Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #3
    Heroes Anonymous (2003) 3

    by Gimple, Morrison, & Pepoy Melody has some secrets from her fianc?. She has a silly crush on the Barista that makes her morning latte. She writes popular science fiction erotica under an assumed name. And, oh yeah, she's the heir to the mantle of a superheroinehood of unimaginable power. Meet The Maiden: strong, beautiful, and hopelessly conflicted! MATURE READERS b&w, 32pg (3 of 6) $2.99 Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #4
    Heroes Anonymous (2003) 4

    by Gimple, Morrison, & Wyck As one of the hottest TV and movie stars in the world, Asher Hutchton sips Cristal, hangs out on yachts, and rides around in a fleet of Hummers! As the Gadfly, he gets shot with lasers, winds up passed out in craters, and often collides into billboards. So when this A- List star who's a C-List superhero catches the notice of Hollywood's most psychotic super-villain, he finally sees a way to bring up his average. But can he juggle his celebrity, his movie-star girlfriend, and his sitcom day job with the responsibilities of a superhero? Can he "do lunch" and "do battle" in the same day? Is it possible to check your alter ego at the door? Take a trip into the life of one of America's most conflicted celebrities in Heroes Anonymous Session IV: The Diary of Asher Hutchton a.k.a. the Gadfly! MATURE READERS b&w, 32pg (4 of 6) $2.99 Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #5
    Heroes Anonymous (2003) 5

    by Gimple, Morrison, Wky, & Pepoy. Beelzebubella's not evil, she's just drawn that way and happens to be the daughter of the Lord of the Underwold. Okay, so maybe she is a little evil. But can her soul-harvesting, kitty killing, and reality television producing ways continue when she finds out her long lost mother has become a born again Christian? Who knew that being related to Satan would be so difficult? MATURE READERS FC, 32pg (5 of 6) $2.99 Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #6
    Heroes Anonymous (2003) 6

    by Gimple, Morrison, Wyk and Pepoy Have a cup of coffee, take a danish, and sit down. Let's talk. This is the last issue of Heroes Anonymous' six-issue mini-series. You have to let go. But don't worry; we're leaving you with enough to carry you through this life. This ish contains Nazis with very bad judgment, drunk librarians, peanut butter and pastrami sandwiches, and an aborted poi fight. And all of this is told whilst tugging on your heartstrings and telling the epic, five-decade-spanning tale of "The Blitz," a hero who has helped innumerous heroes with their issues while all along, ignoring his own. And the man has BIG issues. Check in for this last session and come out forever changed and ready to finally face the world! (6 of 6) MATURE AUDIENCES SC, 32pgs, B&W (6 of 6) $2.99 Cover price $2.99.