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True Believers Fantastic Four Puppet Master (2018) comic books

  • Issue #1
    True Believers Fantastic Four Puppet Master (2018) 1

    Reprinting: Fantastic Four (1961) #8 Written by Stan Lee. Art and Cover by Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers. The Puppet Master tests his radioactive clay that gives him the power to remotely control people that are modeled in the clay. The Human Torch character profile. "The Hands of the Puppet Maker" Part 2; The Puppet Master gets the Thing under his command and imprisons the Invisible Girl; He then sends the Thing and Alicia Masters to infiltrate the Baxter Building. "The Lady and the Monster!" Part 3; While acting under the Puppet Master's influence, the Thing is subjected to one of Mister Fantastic's potions that changes him back to Ben Grimm. "Face-to-face with the Puppet Master!" Part 4; The Puppet Master stages a jailbreak just to prove his might. Death of a Puppet! Part 5; The jail break is stopped by the Fantastic Four and the Puppet Master falls to what seems to be his death. 28 pages, full color. All Ages Cover price $1.00.