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Hitman TPB (2019 DC) Deluxe Edition comic books

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Hitman TPB (2019 DC) Deluxe Edition 1-1ST
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    Volume 1 - 1st printing. "Ten Thousand Bullets!" Collects Hitman (1996-2001) #1-8, The Demon (1990-1995) Annual #2, Hitman (1996-2001) Annual #1 and a story from Batman Chronicles (1995-2001) #4.

    Written by Garth Ennis. Art by John McCrea, Carlos Ezquerra and Steve Pugh. Cover by John McCrea.

    Hitman is back!

    On the back streets of Gotham City, ex-military operative Tommy Monaghan has set himself up as a hired gun. Surrounded by his own rat pack of friends and allies, the Hitman with a heart must deal with personal conflicts over honor and morals as he makes a living with a gun. But even with the telepathic ability to read his targets' minds, he still finds himself in over his head when he runs into some of Gotham's most notorious citizens, such as the Demon, The Joker and Batman.

    Softcover, 320 pages, full color.

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