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Age of X-Man X-Tremists TPB (2019 Marvel) comic books

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Age of X-Man X-Tremists TPB (2019 Marvel) 1-1ST Age of X-Man X-Tremists TPB (2019 Marvel) 1-1ST
    • Discounted from $11.95.
    • Discounted from $11.95.

    1st printing. Collects Age of X-Man: X-Tremists (2019 Marvel) #1-5.

    Written by Leah Williams. Art by Georges Jeanty and Roberto Poggi. Cover by Rahzzah.

    The X-Tremists keep the peace in the Age of X-Man!

    A perfect world doesn't just...happen. It needs to be cultivated. That's where the X-Tremists come in. Psylocke, Iceman, Northstar, Blob, Jubilee and Moneta protect people from threats they won't ever even know existed, including the most insidious threat of all: love! But even as Department X continues its work of purging and revising the ill-fitting elements of society, an encounter with a pregnant rebel begins eating away at the team from within! Worse still, can two members of the squad resist falling prey to the very thing they're fighting to prevent? Some X-Tremists want to know love. Some X-Tremists want to know freedom. But some X-Tremists just want to watch the world burn.

    Softcover, 112 pages, full color. Rated T+

    Cover price $15.99.