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Wonder Woman War of the Gods Omnibus HC (2019 DC) comic books

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Wonder Woman War of the Gods Omnibus HC (2019 DC) 1-1ST
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    1st printing. Collects War of the Gods (1991) #1-4, Wonder Woman (1987-2006 2nd Series) #58-62, Superman: The Man of Steel (1991-2003) #58, Hawkworld (1990-1993 2nd Series) #15-16, Starman (1988-1992 1st Series) #38, Legion (1989-1994 1st Series) #31, Hawk and Dove (1989-1991 3rd Series) #28, Captain Atom (1987-1991 DC) #56-57, Doctor Fate (1988-1992 2nd Series) #32-33, Flash (1987-2009 2nd Series) #55, Justice League Europe (1989-1994) #31, Batman (1940-2011) #470, Suicide Squad (1987-1992 1st Series) #58, The Demon (1990-1995 3rd Series) #17, and The New Teen Titans (1984 2nd Series) New Titans #81.

    Written by George Pérez, Tom Peyer, Mark Waid, John Ostrander, Len Strazewski, Alan Grant, Barbara Kesel, William Messner-Loebs, Keith Giffen, Gerard Jones, Alan Grant, and Marv Wolfman.
    Art by George Pérez, Jill Thompson, Cynthia Martin, Russell Braun, Joe Phillips, Romeo Tanghal, Pablo Marcos, Scott Hanna, Phil Jimenez, Gordon Purcell, Dick Giordano, Frank McLaughlin, Alan Kupperberg, Brian Steelfreeze, Rick Bryant, Chris Sprouse, Chris Renaud, Curt Swan, Steve Butler, Chris Marrinan, Pam Eklund, Graham Nolan, John Calimee, Roy Richardson, Barry Kitson, Greg Guler, Ian Akin, John Statema, Michael Adams, Scot Eaton, Peter Gross, Greg LaRocque, Jose Marzan, Jr., Darick Robertson, John Beatty, Norm Breyfogle, Rick Burchett, Kim Yale, Geof Isherwood, Robert Campanella, Val Semeiks, Bob Smith, and Al Vey.
    Cover by George Pérez.

    When Zeus and the gods of Olympus go to war with other deities from across the heavens, the heroes of the DC Universe are stuck in the middle. Teaming with Superman and others, Wonder Woman must discover who is pulling the strings behind the scenes! This new hardcover collects the entire "War of the Gods" event!

    Hardcover, 760 pages, full color.

    Cover price $99.99.