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Flashback 05: Military Comics #1 (1941/1970) comic books

  • Issue #5
    Flashback 05: Military Comics #1 (1941/1970) 5
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    The fifth issue of the Flashback reprint series presents Military Comics # 1 originally published in 1941 by Quality Comics Group. The first appearance of Blackhawk. Cover art by Will Eisner. "The Origin of Blackhawk," script by Will Eisner and Bob Powell, art by Chuck Cuidera; Warsaw, Poland 1939; The Nazis are massing to rout the Polish Air Force, the only obstacle to their victory over Poland, and are being led by the Nazi commander, Captain von Tepp; However, in his attack, the brother and sister of a lone survivor are killed, and this survivor, later to become The Blackhawk, vows to hunt down von Tepp and make him pay personally for their deaths. "Flying with the Red Dragon Squadron," art by Bob Powell (as Bud Ernest); The boys lose their contract as test pilots after a crack-up and find themselves being asked to join a group called the Red Dragon Squadron. "Origin of the Blue Tracer," art by Fred Guardineer; "Wild Bill" Dunn, an American engineer, survives a British scouting expedition in Ethiopia, meets an Australian named Private Jones, and for months they work together to create a war machine from the remains of Fascist equipment that they call the Blue Tracer, and which they hope will provide the capabilities to overcome a local enemy tribe. "Enlisting the Hard Way," script and art by Klaus Nordling; An unlikely duo team up to foil the attempts of a Nazi attache who is interested in obtaining information on a secret U.S. fighter. "The Coming of the Yankee Eagle," script by John Stewart, art by William Smith; A group of Nazi spies work their way into the ranks of America's military services, attempting to turn over to the enemy some of the U.S.'s best ships. "The Origin of the Death Patrol," script and art by Jack Cole. "The Origin of Miss America," art by Elmer Wexler; Miss America (Joan Dale) vs. Mr. Grost. "Sink the Kaiser Adolf," art by Henry Kiefer; The schooner "Albatross" succeeds in capturing the Battleship "Kaiser Adolf," then must take on the Nazis' new battleship, "Kronzprinz Albrecht." 68-pages, full color cardstock covers, 7-3/4-in. x 10-3/8-in. black-and-white interior on white paper stock, saddle-stitched binding. Cover price $3.00.