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Flashback 17: Captain Marvel Jr. 1 (1943/1974) comic books

  • Issue #17
    Flashback 17: Captain Marvel Jr. 1 (1943/1974) 17
    • Staple rust.

    The 17th issue of the Flashback reprint series presents CAPTAIN MARVEL, JR. #1 originally published in 1943 by Fawcett Publications. Cover art by Mac Raboy. "The Origin of Captain Marvel, Jr. Retold," art by Al Carreno; While they are fishing, Freddy's grandfather rescues the nefarious Captain Nazi, who promptly kills the grandfather and severely injures Freddy Freeman; Captain Marvel rescues the young boy and takes him to see Shazam, who gives some of the Mighty Mortal's powers to the boy, who then becomes Captain Marvel Junior. "Wings Over Dazaggar!!", art by Al Carreno; Captain Marvel Jr. goes to Dazaggar in Africa to fight Captain Nazi and prevent him from moving plans ahead there to use gigantic "winged castles" to invade the Western Hemisphere. "The Shadow That Walked!", art by Al Carreno; Captain Marvel Jr. involves himself in a case where a criminal, known as The Walking Shadow, is causing a crime wave, threatening to become the King of Crime, a title he may well own if he can locate the Dumont Treasure. "The Bomb Proof Shirt!" starring Willie Wynn. "The Case of the Crippled Kidnappers," art by Al Carreno; Captain Marvel Jr. gets involved in a fake accident racket, in which young cripples were drugged, then used in certain fake accidents that would net the gang millions in blackmail payments. "The Cracked Safecracker," art by Al Carreno; Captain Marvel Jr. saves an older couple from being run over, and discovers that they are to be forced into living in a poorhouse unless their son can be found to help them out; But when he sees a picture of the son, Captain Marvel Jr. recognizes him as a noted safecracker. 68-pages, full color cardstock covers, 7-3/4-in. x 10-3/8-in. black-and-white interior on white paper stock, saddle-stitched binding. Cover price $3.00.