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Flashback 20: New York World's Fair (1940/1974) comic books

  • Issue #20
    Flashback 20: New York World's Fair (1940/1974) 20

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    The 20th issue of the Flashback reprint series presents NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR COMICS (1940) by DC Comics. Cover art by Jack Burnley. Untitled story, script by Jerry Siegel, art by Jack Burnley (as Joe Shuster); Lois and Clark are given an assignment to get the feminine slant of the new World's Fair, and overhear a plot by an international jewel thief to steal the Madras Emerald before it can be displayed at the Fair in the House of Jewels. Untitled story, script by Jerry Siegel, art by Harry Lampert; Red, Whitey and Blooey investigate tainted beef that is being provided to the Army by contract. "Hanko the Cowhand at the World's Fair," art by Creig Flessel. Untitled story, script by Jerry Siegel, art by Howard Sherman; A chance sighting of a mysterious yacht, while on the parachute jump, leads Slam and Shorty to help rescue the Princess of Robaria, who is in America to sign papers allowing her nation to sell the Robarian crown jewels. "Zatara the Master Magician at the World's Fair," script by Gardner F. Fox, art by Joseph Sulman; Zatara faces the challenge of rounding up a pair of pick pockets at the Fair, who use a fake murder to draw attention away from their activities. Fair Facts article, art by Raymond Perry. "The Hour-Man at the World's Fair," script by Ken Fitch, art by Bernard Baily; Rex Tyler is ordered by his employer at the Bannerman Laboratories to conduct some scientific experiments at the Fair and is invited to perform at a wealthy estate. "At the World's Fair with Jim and Jane," art by Creig Flessel. "The Sandman Goes to the World's Fair," script by Gardner F. Fox, art by Chad Grothkopf; Slugger Slade decides to retaliate against the District Attorney for his conviction by kidnapping Dian. Untitled Johnny Thunderbolt story, script by John B. Wentworth, art by Stan Aschmeier. "Batman and Robin Visit the 1940 New York World's Fair," script by Bill Finger, pencils by Bob Kane, inks by Bob Kane and George Roussos (backgrounds); The destruction of the Great West River Bridge and the blackmail demand made to the Travers Engineering Corporation spur the Dynamic Duo to investigate the matter, and they uncover a terrifying plot masterminded by the evil Dr. Vreekill. 100 pages, full color cardstock covers, 7-3/4-in. x 10-3/8-in. black-and-white interior on white paper stock, saddle-stitched binding. Cover price $3.00.