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Captain Marvel vs. Rogue TPB (2021 Marvel) comic books

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Captain Marvel vs. Rogue TPB (2021 Marvel) 1-1ST

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    1st printing. Collects The Avengers (1963-1996 1st Series) Annual #10; The Uncanny X-Men (1963 1st Series) #158, 171 and 269; Ms. Marvel (2006-2010 2nd Series) #9-10; X-Men Legacy (2008-2012 Marvel) #269-270; Captain Marvel (2019- 11th Series) #4-5 and material from Marvel Super Heroes (1990 2nd Series) #11.

    Written by Chris Claremont, Simon Furman, Brian Reed, Christos N. Gage, and Kelly Thompson. Art by Mike Gustovich, Michael Golden, Dave Cockrum, Walt Simonson, Mike Wieringo, David Baldeon, Jordi Tarragona, Carmen Nunez Carnero, Mike Vosburg, Armando Gil, Bob Wiacek, Art Thibert, Wade Von Grawbadger, and Jim Lee. Cover by Amanda Conner.

    One of the mightiest Avengers vs. one of the most steadfast X-Men!

    Rogue used to be a villain, and she and Captain Marvel once clashed in a battle that left both women changed forever! On behalf of the Brotherhood, Rogue ambushed Carol - and permanently absorbed her memories and powers! As Rogue battled the Avengers, Carol struggled to rebuild her life. Tormented by Carol's memories, Rogue eventually reformed.

    The two powerhouses have crossed paths time and again since then, both as enemies and reluctant allies. But can Captain Marvel and Rogue ever find a way to bury the hatchet - other than in each other's heads?

    Softcover, 288 pages, full color. Rated T+

    Cover price $29.99.