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Billy the Kit (2021 Blue Juice Comics) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Billy the Kit (2021 Blue Juice Comics) 1

    Written by Justin Gray. Art and Cover by Barry McClain. The Wild West has never been wilder! Introducing Billy the Kit, featuring a gunslinging rabbit seeking revenge against the Tornado God that killed his family. Why was this sickly, skinny rabbit spared such a gruesome fate? What makes him so special? With the help of Luther the Goat, a profanity-spewing martial arts master, Billy relies on faith, magical firearms, and Kung Fu to wage war against the pagan gods and monsters of a bygone era. 36 pages, full color. Cover price $3.99.

  • Issue #2
    Billy the Kit (2021 Blue Juice Comics) 2
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    (W) Justin Gray (A/CA) Barry McClain The saga of the Wild West's strangest and most unlikely hero continues as Billy is confronted by a dark vision of the tornado gods he must eventually face if he is to complete his quest for vengeance. However, to get there, Billy needs help -a lot of help…and training from a very reluctant teacher. Does Billy have what it takes to realize his dream, or is he destined to meet a gruesome end at the hands of a seemingly endless horde of supernatural monsters? Co-created by Ringo-Award winning writer Justin Gray (Jonah Hex, Where We Live, Standstill) and artist Barry McClain Jr. (Anne Bonnie, Q-Ball), with digital paints by Slamet Mujiono (Flash Gordon, The Accelerators). Blue Juice Comics presents: Issue #2 of the darkly comedic and action-packed BILLY THE KIT. Cover price $3.99.