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Stranger Things Graphic Novel Boxed Set (2022 Dark Horse) comic books

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    Stranger Things Graphic Novel Boxed Set (2022 Dark Horse) SET

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    Includes 3 Volume (with Poster and case) - Printings may vary.

    Box Art by Ron Chan.

    Collecting three original Stranger Things young adult graphic novels into one boxed set. Featuring an exclusive double-sided poster with covers from the series.

    Softcover (3 Volumes with Case and Poster), 6-in.x 9-in., 216 pages (Total), full color.

    NOTE: "Stranger Things is a must-read for fans of the show as it works to answer questions burning in the hearts of the most dedicated. " - Comic Watch


    Stranger Things: Zombie Boys - Written by Greg Pak. Art by Valeria Favoccia. Cover by Ron Chan.
    It's spring in the normally quiet town of Hawkins, Indiana. Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Will are still grappling with the traumatic encounters with the Demogorgon and the Upside Down in season one of the hit Netflix series. As tensions rise and fractures begin to form in the group, a new kid shows up to AV club with a Betamax Camcorder and a vision.

    The new Spielberg-wannabe friend, Joey Kim, wants to make a zombie horror movie based on Will's drawings, and in the process they come to terms with the real horrors they've already faced.

    Stranger Things: The Bully - Written by Greg Pak. Art by Valeria Favoccia. Cover by Ron Chan.
    The bullies of Stranger Things try to uncover the mystery of Eleven's psychic powers! Troy has been having nightmares about El ever since she embarrassed him in front of the school and broke his arm in season 1. Feeling powerless and anxious, Troy is determined to prove that what happened between him and El is only some form of trickery. That is until he and James encounter demodogs!

    Stranger Things: Erica the Great - Written by Greg Pak and Danny Lore. Art by Valeria Favoccia. Cover by Ron Chan.
    In this Middle Grade foray into eighties-nostalgia hit series from Netflix, Erica's frenemy loses track of her mother's prized Parakeet, the two will have to work together to return the bird safe and sound or deal with the consequences. They learn that even the toughest and smartest people need a little help now and then.

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