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Doctor Who Discovers Pirates (2022 Panini Magazines) comic books

  • Issue #0
    Doctor Who Discovers Pirates (2022 Panini Magazines) 0

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    Cover by Jeff Cummins.

    The clash of cutlasses, the roar of cannon and the shouts of pirates as they swarm over the hapless ships that have become their prey... Everyone knows about pirates, but what were these buccaneers really like? In Dr. Who Discovers Pirates the Doctor traces their unlawful history from Roman times to the China seas of not more than a hundred years ago, finding out about such infamous characters as Captain Kidd and Blackbeard as the TARDIS takes him through the centuries.

    Dr. Who Discovers Pirates is one of a series of illustrated stories in which the Doctor meets the famous - and infamous - of history and finds himself an eye-witness to great events.

    Saddle Stitched, 50 pages, B&W.

    NOTE: This item was originally included as a Supplement with Doctor Who Magazine #576. Does NOT include poster.