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Stardust Kid (2005) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Stardust Kid (2005) 1

    Written by J.M. DeMATTEIS. Art & cover by MIKE PLOOG. Image Comics and Desperado Publishing are proud to reunite the creative team from the popular series Abadazad in this original fantasy destined to become an instan! When Cody DiMarco went to bed, his life was the same as it had always been. In the morning the world he knew was gone. Now the only chance four children have to save their families and restore everything they love is to face down an evil older than time. To save reality, they must solve the mystery of.the Stardust Kid. Ad copy: A Magic older than time. An ancient evil. And four children whose only chance to restore their families, and their world, is to solve the mystery of... The Stardust Kid. Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #2
    Stardust Kid (2005) 2

    Written by J.M. DeMATTEIS. Art & cover by MIKE PLOOG. "THE WOMAN"?The entire neighborhood has transformed into a savage, primeval land populated by trolls, elves and other fantastical creatures. Protected by the magics of Paul's book, these four children are the only ones who remember the world as it was. But how can they survive in this dangerous new world? And how can they possibly change things back? Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #3
    Stardust Kid (2005) 3

    Written by J. M. DeMATTEIS. Art & cover by MIKE PLOOG. After a harrowing journey through an enchanted book, Cody, Alana, K.M. and Nathaniel emerge into a world where everyone and everything they've known is gone: Their families have vanished and their neighborhood has been transformed into a primeval forest of deep magic-and deadly danger. With the Woman and her followers on their trail, the kids seek hope in the form of the mysterious Stardust Kid. But does he truly exist? And can he possibly help them? Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #4
    Stardust Kid (2005) 4

    By J.M. DeMatteis & Mike Ploog. The Stardust Kid moves from Image Comics over to Boom! Studios! With K.M. and Nathaniel kidnapped by The Woman, Cody and Alana continue their search for the mysterious Stardust Kid: Before they're done, they'll encounter murderous insects, inscrutable plant spirits and a Living Fire that will burn away everything Cody knows ? finally revealing the astonishing truth about the Stardust Kid. But will the Kid's magical emergence come too late to save the world Cody knows... and the family he loves? RES. from Previews Vol. XV #11 (NOV051760) due to publisher change. 32pgs, FC (4 of 5)SRP: $3.50 Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #5
    Stardust Kid (2005) 5

    By J.M. DeMatteis & Mike Ploog. The award-winning, critically acclaimed team from Abadazad finishes their latest epic! The big finale features an extra 10 pages of story at no additional cost, pushing the page count from 22 pages to 32! Finally, all questions are answered and the series comes to a conclusion! With Abadazad relaunched by Hyperion/Disney, don't miss out on this opportunity to read the latest fantasy franchise from two masters of the medium! 32pgs, FC (5 of 5) Cover price $3.50.