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Aeon Flux (2005) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Aeon Flux (2005) 1

    Written by MIKE KENNEDY. Art by TIMOTHY GREEN II. Four hundred years in the future, the last of humanity will live behind the protective walls of Bregna, an idyllic utopia built to shelter them from the deadly jungle growing beyond. Life in Bregna is perfect, or as perfect as the government can make the people believe. But not everyone is fooled by their mood-altering propaganda?a small band of freedom fighters wish to see things change, and they just might manage to pull off this impossible dream with the help of their top secret agent, the sexy, deadly Aeon Flux. As Bregnan authorities prepare a new weapon to use against the jungle pounding at their walls, Aeon prepares to turn their plans against them. But this time she is not alone?she has been instructed to train a new agent, a fiery young woman named Sithandra, who may not be all that she appears to be... Reintroducing the cult-classic action heroine best known for her animated adventures on MTV, this series will pave the way for her big-screen debut in this fall's blockbuster, live- action adaptation starring Charlize Theron. This four-issue miniseries will lay the foundation for events in the film, with all of the fast-paced action and intriguing conceptual sci-fi of the original cartoon. Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #2
    Aeon Flux (2005) 2

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    Written by MIKE KENNEDY. Art by TIMOTHY GREEN II. Family ties can prove useful, especially when Aeon Flux is pulling the strings. Though she keeps her secret agent activity hidden from her sister, Una Flux, Aeon is not above using her sister's love-struck infatuation with a government scientist to her advantage. A little intervention and subtle matchmaking and everyone benefits, including Aeon's eager young protégé, Sithandra. While her drawn out acrobatic training may seem to be a complete waste of time, there is much she can learn from Aeon's experience ... and vice versa ... ? Ties into the upcoming film from MTV/Paramount Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #3
    Aeon Flux (2005) 3

    Written by MIKE KENNEDY. Art by TIMOTHY GREEN II. As the Bregnan government prepares to unleash their new defoliant weapon on the dense jungle outside their walls, Aeon and Sithandra infiltrate the heavily guarded labs with plans of sabotage. But even the Monican Rebellion's top agent is caught off guard, as escape becomes a matter of life and death. Their mission jeopardized, her life draining from a bullet hole, and the clock ticking towards a potentially genocidal mistake, Aeon has little choice but to reveal her secret to her sister. But hers is not the only secret revealed-the Bregnan government assaults the Rebellion's hideout, thanks to information provided by their mysterious inside informant ... Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #4
    Aeon Flux (2005) 4

    Written by Mike Kennedy. Art by Timothy Green. The best-laid plans are those that change. The Monican Rebellion's scheme to sabotage the Bregnan government's defoliant cannons must adjust to a shortened timetable, and flat-out destruction seems their quickest and best alternative. But Aeon has other priorities as well, namely finding her mysterious young trainee, Sithandra, and settling matters properly! No one abhors manipulation more than Aeon, and this is a lesson anyone who confronts her will remember for the rest of their short lives... Cover price $2.99.