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Jenna (2005) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Jenna (2005) 1

    by Philph Osbourne, Jim Fern, & Joe Rubinstein. Her father's toys are loved by millions. Her mother would fit right in on Desperate Housewives. Jenna's seventeen-year-old world is perfect. But she is about to find out that her life in the big city is not as perfect as it seems. When Jenna learns that her own parents are linked to strange murders and demonic rituals, a mysterious power over takes Jenna. 32pgs, FCSRP: $3.95 Cover price $3.95.

  • Issue #2
    Jenna (2005) 2

    By Philip Osbourne, Maicon, & Ron Wagner. Jenna is actually the third Antichrist, and her powers are not "positive" ones; she is the opposite of what she thinks she is, and the truth she finds out about her parents is a far different from what she imagined. The real enemy that Jenna must fight is herself, and no one and nothing in the world can stop her. Not even her own good intentions. Also available is a Jenna Limited Edition including a soundtrack CD with five heavy rock ballads from Paul Dianno of Iron Maiden. Limited to 1,000 copies, the Jenna Limited Edition also contains also a big poster signed by one of the creators on the series. REGULAR EDITION?32pgs, FC (2 of 3)SRP: $3.95 LTD EDITION (W/CD)?32pgs, FCSRP: $7.95 Cover price $3.95.

  • Issue #3
    Jenna (2005) 3

    By Philip Osbourne, André, & Takeshi Miyazawa. The last episode of the first mini-series about Jenna, a girl who walks the line between good and evil, on a constant quest to discover her roots and the truth about the sect to which her parents belonged. Is Hall's death only an illusion, or is he another victim of the curse hanging over Jenna? The final chapter in a very unusual horror saga. 32pgs, FC (3 of 3)SRP: $3.95 Cover price $3.95.