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Avengers Sugar Babies Edition (1993) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Avengers Sugar Babies Edition (1993) 1

    "Vibrant Alchemy!" Script by Pat Garrahy. Pencils by Mike Gustovich. Inks by Tom Palmer. Cover by Mike Gustovich. Earth's Mightiest Heroes fly to Wakanda for a celebration with the Black Panther! This should be a happy reunion, but unfortunately a familiar super-villain has arrived first! Diablo, the Master of Alchemy! And the Fantastic Four's long-time foe has brought his friends with him! The Elements of Doom (last seen in Avengers 188)! So once again the Avengers will go back to school to battle the best of the periodic tableā€¦Carbon, Cobalt, Hydrogen, Phosphorus, Plutonium, Neon, and Titanium! Let's hope the heroes paid attention in their high school chemistry classes! Cameo appearance by Taylor Madison. Flashback cameos by Ms. Marvel, Wonder Man, and the Scarlet Witch. Avengers Lineup: Black Knight, Black Panther, Captain America, Crystal, Hercules, and the Vision. (Notes: This special issue is part of the Avengers' regular continuity most likely taking place between Avengers 366 and 367. Despite the $1.25 cover price, this comic book was a promotional giveaway distributed by the Charleston Chew Sugar Daddy Candy Company. This issue includes a glossy insert with Avengers trading cards. There are not any advertisements in this special edition other than the inside covers.) Cover price $1.25.