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How to Self Publish Comics (2006) comic books

  • Issue #1
    How to Self Publish Comics (2006) 1

    A lot of articles are written on the creative process of comics, but not nearly as many on the other side of the business: publishing. After ten years of self-publishing, Josh Blaylock has gone from back room small press exhibitor to the head of a top ten comic book company. He now shares his knowledge of the industry with anyone who has ever pondered doing the same. This six issue, mostly prose series is informative, entertaining, and a bit autobiographical. Blaylock isolates the six most important aspects of the process, starting with 'Building Your Infrastructure.' Cover price $4.95.

  • Issue #2
    How to Self Publish Comics (2006) 2

    'Building Your Creative Team' is the focus of the second installment of Josh Blaylock's information packed Self Publishing guide. If anything that Blaylock's past ten years of publishing has taught him, there's more to making a comic book than just finding people to write and draw it. You need to think about everyone's goals and expectations, and spell them out in writing before you move forward. A must have for anyone interested in publishing, no matter how modest or lofty their goals may be. Cover price $4.95.

  • Issue #3
    How to Self Publish Comics (2006) 3

    'Printing and Marketing' is the focus of the third installment in Josh Blaylock's prose guide to self-publishing comics and manga. You can have the best comic in the entire world, but if you don't know how to promote it, you're in trouble. Today offers more opportunities than ever to get the 'word out' about your product, and this chapter will help you take advantage of those things. It's a decade of publishing experience consolidated into one easy to read series, straight from the president of DDP! Cover price $4.95.

  • Issue #4
    How to Self Publish Comics (2006) 4

    Have you finally done it? Self-Published your own comic book? Well, it doesn't stop there! The final issue of Devil's Due President Josh Blaylock's 'how to' series concludes with 'Hit the Pavement,' explaining what is necessary to keep the momentum going for promoting your comic or manga series. Cover price $4.95.