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All Good Comics (1944 Fox Giant) comic books

  • Issue #1944
    All Good Comics (1944 Fox Giant) 1944
    • Pieces of tape on interior and exterior cover.

    Stories by Bob Kanigher and Frank Godwin. Art by Louis Ferstadt, Frank Godwin, and Frank Little, plus many pseudonymous talents billed as Ron Rogan, Hap Harris, Larry Page, Betty Brown and the like. A re-bound collection of unsold comics from Fox Features, featuring superhero, adventure and comedy stories. Socialite Ann Morgan changes into superhero The Purple Tigress when jewel thieves target a party; Nightclub owner Pussy Katnip takes the Katnip Fizz to gain superpowers and battle gangster Bulldog, who is trying to put her out of business; The Green Mask faces the return of the Dick Tracy-like foe known as The Neck. The Borrowed Eye; S.O.S. From Mars; The Prison in the Sky; The Bleeding Statue; Imagine That; Red Robbins; The Medical Murderer; The Case of the Vanishing Gems; O'Brine Twins; Betty Boyd; Who Is the Purple Tigress?; Adventures of Connie; Wires Down; Percy The Cat's Meow; Snooky; Sis and Junior; Prof. Nudnik; Karrots; Mike the M.P.; Gussie the Gob; Red Kamphor; Crime in No. 9; The Landlady; Harvest of Horror. 132 pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.25.