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Adventures of Sly Cooper (2004) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Adventures of Sly Cooper (2004) 1

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    No # on cover, no indicia. A promotional comic given out at the Sony booth during Wizard World 2004 to promote Sly 2: Band of Thieves. Acting as an in between story between the first and second game, apparently taking place sometime within the 2 year span between them. Murray and Bentley still appear as they did in Sly 1, Murray showing his more carefree demeanor from the first game showing no sign of his more hands on "The Murray" persona that he adopts during the second game and on. Considering Murray's surprise entrance at the beginning of the second game, it is assumed that this was done to keep it a surprise. Sly however, despite still looking quite young in comparison to later on, wears his thief bag around his leg as he does in Sly 2. The plot consists of two flashback stories. One is a flashback to the Cooper gang's first taste of thief work as children at the Happy Camper Orphanage (stealing cookies from a greedy sitter), and the other detailing the first time Carmelita and Sly met... which the two relay to each other with opposing points of view during a rare peaceful conversation with each other. After all is said and done, Sly once again escapes Carmelita's grasp by seemingly jumping into the nearby canal. Carmelita is at first very worried that she may have made Sly do something dramatic... but to her chagrin sees that Sly had in fact jumped onto a boat also accompanied by the gang. As the three float down the river, Sly knows he will see Carmelita again soon. Of interesting note is that Dimitri from Sly 2 and 3 makes a cameo appearance, and is drawn in the comic style of the first game as opposed to the more streamlined style the characters are drawn in from here on out. Note that Carmelita swears in this issue.

  • Issue #2
    Adventures of Sly Cooper (2004) 2

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    A promotional comic inserted into video game magazines to promote Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. As opposed to Issue #1's more carefree atmosphere, Issue #2 takes a bleak and darker twist. Taking place after the events of Sly 2, it is confirmed that Murray is the one who saves Sly from Interpol at the end of the said game. Sly is ambiguously rescued in a helicopter from captivity at the end of the said game and it's never revealed completely who it is, although its strongly implied that it's Murray. The story of issue two is broken into four parts. The first part consists of Sly finding a member of his father's gang in a maximum-security prison due to an invitation. This member, McSweeny, after an initial tussle, apologizes to Sly for not being able to have raised him himself after the murder of Sly's parents, due to his confinement. McSweeny tells Sly of a massive vault on a remote island that contains the accumulated treasure of all the Cooper family members stating it as Sly's inheritance. Informing Sly of where to find the map to this vault, we cut to part two. Part two details Sly and Murray breaking into a hospital to rescue the injured Bentley from the authorities. Bentley is paralyzed due to the dramatic events at the conclusion of Sly 2. Sadly, Murray's once endless enthusiasm has waned and he has become increasingly insecure with his own actions. This is because he blames himself for Bentley's predicament. Sly worries about this, but concentrates on the matter at hand. The two convince Bentley to return with them, and comfort him by quelling his fears of being a burden on his friends. Just as the three are about to escape however, they are discovered and surrounded by police. In an uncharacteristically dark tone, Murray demands Sly take Bentley and escape while he deals with the officers. Although Murray seems to have the situation well under control, Sly and Bentley worry that Murray is taking the burden of things too much and isn't using teamwork anymore. Although worried for his friend, Sly takes Bentley to safety with the vow that he'll be back to help Murray whether he likes it or not.