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101 Ways to End the Clone Saga (1997) comic books

  • Issue #1
    101 Ways to End the Clone Saga (1997) 1

    Mark Bernardo script; Ben Herrera cover & art; Mike Christian cover & inks; Janice Chiang letters; Kevin Tinsley colors; Need some lighthearted wackiness to help swallow the whole "Clone Saga"? Look no further than this one-shot. Follow Ralph Macchio, Bob Harras, and the rest of the Marvel Monkeys as they discuss various ways they COULD have ended the Clone Saga. Featuring a huge cast with appearances by Ben Reily/Scarlet Spider, Mary Jane Watson-Parker, Jackal, Seward Trainer, J. Jonah Jameson, Robbie Robertson, Black Cat, Kaine, Vision & Scarlet Witch (cameo), Killraven (cameo), Deathlok (cameo), Electro, Black Costume Spidey (cameo), Carnage, Judas Traveller, Firestar, Green Goblin IV (Phil Urich), Boone, Medea, Scrier, Nacht, Venom (cameo), Captain Universe Spidey (cameo), Spider-Armor (cameo), Mephisto, Stunner, Master Programmer, Sentinels, Uatu the Watcher Cover price $2.50.