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Marvel Valentine's Day Special (1997) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Marvel Valentine's Day Special (1997) 1

    Cover art by Mark Buckingham. Marvel celebrates Valentine's Day with an all-new Special! No frilly lace and gushy prose here, tiger! It's 48 pages of two-fisted romance a la Marvel! Celebrate Cupid's favorite holiday with all-new tales of love and loss starring Spider-Man & Mary Jane, Cyclops & Phoenix, Daredevil, Venus, and Absorbing Man & Titania. "My Fair Spidey," script by Tom Peyer, pencils by Mark Buckingham, inks by Kev Sutherland; Peter tries to play matchmaker with a nerdy student. "Love Hurts," script by John Ostrander, pencils by Mary Mitchell, inks by Chris Ivy; Daredevil and Karen try to help a victim of abuse to get away from her violent boyfriend. "Atom-Age Amore," script by Frank Strom, pencils by Dan DeCarlo, inks by Terry Austin; Golden Age heroine Venus helps a pair of aliens find love. "The Greatest Gift!", script by Tom DeFalco, pencils by Dan Lawlis, inks by Jeff Albrecht; Absorbing Man buys Titania a Millie the Model doll for Valentines Day. "The Way!", script by Tom DeFalco, art by Kyle Hotz; Jean Grey gets a cactus for V-Day and remembers an incident when she and Cyclops were in the future with Nathan Christopher. 52 pgs. Cover price $2.99.