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2099 AD (1995) comic books

  • Issue #1
    2099 AD (1995) 1
    Published May 1995 by Marvel.

    Acetate cover, pencils by Joe Quesada, inks by Jimmy Palmiotti, colors by Angus McKie. "Everything Is Fair," script by Terry Kavanagh, pencils by Marc Campos, inks by Jimmy Palmiotti; Doom 2099 consults with his Black Cabinet; Lohengrin is confronted by Polymire and Septymbre for an artifact; Hulk 2099 considers using an alien jar to bring Gawain back to life; Doom 2099 recruits Ghost Rider 2099; Spider-Man 2099 is informed of Doom's plans by Punisher 2099; Bloodhawk finds a hidden vault, while Meanstreak and Halloween Jack look for an artifact; Spider-Man, Punisher, X-Men and Ghost Rider come together to stop Septymbre from bringing back Wintre. 52 pgs., full color. Cover price $3.95.