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X-Patrol (1996) comic books

  • Issue #1
    X-Patrol (1996) 1

    "Doomed!" Story by Karl and Barbara Kesel. Art by Roger Cruz and Jon Holdredge. In order to save two universes, the young hero known as Access was forced to use the power of Amalgam (see Marvel versus DC (1996) #3). In this issue, members of the X-Men, X-Force, Doom Patrol, and Teen Titans are merged to create Shatterstarfire (Starfire/Shatter Star), Niles Cable (Cable/Professor Niles), Beastling (Beast/Changeling), Ferro Man (Colossus/Robotman), and others. The team-up gears up to face their fiercest adversary ever, Doctor Doomsday (Doomsday/Doctor Doom). Cover price $1.95.