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Filmfax (1986) comic books 2003-2005

  • Issue #95
    Filmfax (1986) 95

    Glenn Ford the All-purpose Star; Jack Harris: the man behind the Blob; Wrestling Mexican monsters; Metropolis Reborn: The reconstruction and restoration of Fritz Lang's classic; Destined to play Wilma, pt 2: the life and times of Erin Gray (Buck Rogers); Tinkering with the future: Tim O'Connor in the 25th century (Buck Rogers); Another Tale Well-calculated to keep you in...Suspense: Real life, natural talent and the theatre of the mind: Interview with George Bamber. Feb/Mar 2003 Cover price $9.95.

  • Issue #96
    Filmfax (1986) 96

    Billy Gray was there The Day the Earth Stood Still; the jungle adventures of Buster Crabbe - in his own words; 'A Saucer Full of Secrets' inside The Day the Earth Stood Still; Carolyn Kearney as that '50s Hot Rod Girl; Bruce Bennett on The New Adventures of Tarzan; Norman Lloyd on working with Hitchcock; Herb Jeffries in the first black cast westerns; George Bamber on writing Suspense. Cover by Harley Brown. Cover price $9.95.

  • Issue #97
    Filmfax (1986) 97

    Ladies of the Dark Shadows featuring Kathryn Leigh Scott and Lara Parker. Dark Shadows creator Dan Curtis article. John Tomerlin on Charles Beaumont, The Southern California Group, and Writing for the Twilight Zone. On the Road with John Tomerlin and Friends. How Forbidden Planet became a SF classic. Hammer films featuring Bette Davis. Features on Cuffy Crabbe and Denny Miller. Gene Rodenberrys Tarzan. Book and movie reviews. 98 pgs. June/July, 2003. Cover price: $7.50. Cover price $9.95.

  • Issue #98
    Filmfax (1986) 98

    Special Lampoon Issue. Frank & Mary Stein - the untold love story; interviews with: Griff Vandergriff (Explosion on Uranus), Les Mohr (Atomic Women), Luma Driscoll (Priestess of Mars), Rusty Kramer (Posters Are My Life); and other astounding articles - The Giant Gila Monster, The Giant Claw, Crazy Hip Groovy Go-Go Way Out Monsters, The Out-Of Timers, Noir Galore. Cover by Harley Brown. Cover price $9.95.

  • Issue #99-100
    Filmfax (1986) 99-100
    Published Jan 2004 by Filmfax Inc..

    Milicent Patrick, Monster Maker - designer of the Creature from the Black Lagoon; the making of Forbidden Planet - new facts & unpublished photos; Space Patrol's Ralston Rocket - amazing grand prize giveaway; plus interviews with: Peter Fonda (Easy Rider, The Trip), Ellen Burstyn (The Exorcist), Ian Fleming (007 James Bond), Beverly Garland (Decoy police woman), Curtis Harrington (Night Tide, Queen of Blood), Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica), William Peter Blatty (The Exorcist Trilogy), Igo Kantor (Kingdom of the Spiders). Cover price $9.95.

  • Issue #101
    Filmfax (1986) 101
    Published Mar 2004 by Filmfax Inc..

    Noel Neill and Jack Larson on Superman, John Newland in One Step Beyond, Herbert Strock's AIP moster movies, Gary Owens on Laugh-In, art of Stanley Meltzoff, Hugh Cave, Carol Cleveland on Monty Python, behind the scenes on This Island Earth, and more. 7-7/8 in. x 10.25-in.; black and white; 144 newsprint pages. Cover price $9.95.

  • Issue #102
    Filmfax (1986) 102
    Published Jun 2004 by Filmfax Inc..

    Tom Corbett Space Cadet, Frankie Thomas and Jan Merlin interviews, Paul Blaisdell, Will Eisner, Barbara Feldon, William Asher, Annie Kimbell, space toys, and more. 7-7/8 in. x 10.25-in.; black and white; 144 newsprint pages. Cover price $9.95.

  • Issue #103
    Filmfax (1986) 103
    Published Sep 2004 by Filmfax Inc..

    Spider-Man 2 - escape from development hell; monster maker Paul Blaisdell's She-Creature - the behind-the-scenes story; The Queen of Outer Space's Laurie Mitchell; Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster's George Garrett; MAD comic artist Jack Davis; Nightmare on Elm Street nemesis John Saxon; Untouchable hero Robert Stack; Batman's 'real Robin' Johnny Duncan; Dracula FX wizard John Fulton; TV theme man Vic Mizzy; Fugitive producer Alan Armer; Astro Boy creators Fred Ladd & Osamu Tezuka; Russ Meyer starlet Raven De La Croix; Ed Gorman interviews Richard Matheson. Cover price $9.95.

  • Issue #104
    Filmfax (1986) 104
    Published Dec 2004 by Filmfax Inc..

    Paul Blaisdell's It! The Terror From Beyond Space - on the scene with Bob Burns; Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow; Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter film A Princess of Mars now in preproduction; Burroughs illustrator Thomas Yeates; sexy Bond girl Lana Wood; restoration of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; Felix 'Twiki' Silla on Buck Rogers; Chicago's Shock Theater; John Saxon; voice man Paul Frees; Honey West director Walter Grauman; Tommy Chong; Paul Picerni; Groucho is God in Skidoo; lost silent Marx Bros. Cover price $9.95.

  • Issue #105
    Filmfax (1986) 105
    Published Mar 2005 by Filmfax Inc..

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    Barbara Leigh - original Vampirella model bares her fangs; Brian Wilson's Smile - ex-Beach Boy talks about completing his masterpiece; Marlyn Mason - working with Elvis; Ruth Buzzi - loving Laugh-In; Eddie Parker - monster stuntman; Ray Harryhausen - Earth vs. Flying Saucers; Willis O'Brien & Edward Nassour - The Beast of Hollow Mountain; William Cameron Menzies - visualization of fantastic cinema; Juliet Mills & Billie Mae Richards - of witches & magical reindeer; Robert E. McGinnis - master of paperback women. Cover by Harley Brown. Cover price $9.95.

  • Issue #106
    Filmfax (1986) 106
    Published Jun 2005 by Filmfax Inc..

    Special 20th Anniversary Issue. Inside William Cameron Menzies' classic Invaders from Mars, plus the horrors of The Maze (a lost Menzies chiller); Kung Fu's David Carradine interviewed; Space Patrol's Ed Kemmer recalls his life in film & television; horror hostess Vampira, plus Paul Marco & Conrad Brooks in Ed Wood's Plan 9 from Outer Space; Space Ranger Jimmy Lydon - making Edgar Ulmer's Strange Illusion; comedian musician Tommy Smothers on politics & censorship in 1960s TV; singer film star Bobby Darin - the amazing career of a 20th century icon; '60s TV fix-it-man Philip Saltzman - reshaping early TV in the Quinn Martin mold; dinosaur legacy of Ray Bradbury & Ray Harryhausen - from Fog Horn to The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms; A Midsummer Night's Dream - expressionist design for Shakespeare in 1935. Cover price $9.95.

  • Issue #107
    Filmfax (1986) 107
    Published Sep 2005 by Filmfax Inc..

    Evil Dead's Bruce Campbell previews The Man with the Screaming Brain; the legacy of Star Wars - interviews with original cast members Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Peter Mayhew & Carrie Fisher; Star Trek's Joseph Jennings - production designer on original TV show; George Romero reviews the original Night of the Living Dead with Joe Bob Briggs, plus original cast & crew John Russo, Kyra Schon & Russ Streiner; William Stout - underground comix to genre movie wizard; Mary Woronov - Warhol & prison a-go-go; Chainsaw Dupont - real delta crush blues; Shelley Berman - serious improv comedy; Bobby Darin - beyond the cinema sea; George DeNormand - original monster stuntman; Raquel Welch & Ursula Andress - the Hammer glamor girls of She & One Million Years B.C.; Syd Mead & Ralph McQuarrie - pre-production artists on unrealized sci-fi epic The Grid. Cover price $9.95.

  • Issue #108
    Filmfax (1986) 108
    Published Dec 2005 by Filmfax Inc..

    Features in this issue include: article and interview of James Doohan; article and interview of Dian Fauntelle; article and interview of Ann Robinson; broad based feature on The War of the Worlds; replication of Robby the Robot; feature on Tiny Tim; and more. Digital cover painting of Anne Robinson in War of the Worlds is by Filmfax publisher Michael Stein Cover price $9.95.