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Comic books May 1936

  • May 2 1936
    Argosy Part 4: Argosy Weekly (1929-1943 William T. Dewart) May 2 1936
    • 1 3/4" Cumulative spine split.
  • May 9 1936
    Argosy Part 4: Argosy Weekly (1929-1943 William T. Dewart) May 9 1936
    • 2" spine split from top.
  • May 23 1936
    Argosy Part 4: Argosy Weekly (1929-1943 William T. Dewart) May 23 1936
  • May 1936
    Blue Book (1905-1956 Story-Press/Consolidated/McCall) Pulp May 1936
    • Glue on spine, slightly interrupts art and story. 2" Cumulative spine split. Punch holes through cover and first page.

    May 1936. Kioga cover by Herbert Morton Stoops. Fiction by William L. Chester ("Kioga of the Wilderness" part 2), James Francis Dwyer, Francis Cockrell, Charles Layng, Fulton Grant, Robert R. Mill, H. Bedford-Jones, Elmer Davis, William J. Makin, and Leland Jamieson. Illustrations by Austin Briggs (3) and others. 6.5-in. x 10-in.; black and white; 144 newsprint pages. Cover price $0.15.

  • Issue #1
    Comics Magazine, The (1936) 1
    • This is a consignment item. A 3% buyer's premium ($41.85) will be charged at checkout.
    • Paper: Slightly britle
    • INCOMPLETE. Page 2 and 3 missing, affects story. Spine of cover completely split and reattached with tape. Cover and page 1 detached.
    • Label #1970270002

    Baseball cover by Vincent "Vin" Sullivan. First appearance of Doctor Mystic, a super-powered detective who becomes Siegel and Shuster's earliest Superman prototype, Doctor Occult, in More Fun Comics (1935) #14. Contains original comic stories, text articles, and activity pages. Includes art by Walt Kelly and Sheldon Mayer. In order of appearance: "Chikko Chakko" by Ellis Edwards; "Dr. Mystic" by Jerome (Jerry) Siegel and Joseph (Joe) Shuster; "Koko" by M. MacIntyre; "Dickie Duck" by Matt Curzon; "Skinny Shaner" by Thomas McNamara; "Big Sid" by Stanley Randall; "Captain Bill of the Rangers" by William Merle Allison; "Cap'n Tripe" by Tom Cooper; "Porkchops n' Gravy" by Al Stahl; "My Grandpa" by Thomas McNamara; "t'Aint So!" by Robert G. Leffingwell; "Major Lord" by Palmer; "Skipper Ham Shanks" by John Patterson; "Evidence Eddy" by Robert G. Leffingwell; "Alfy Elephant" and "Shocky plus Gus" by Stanley Randall; "Learn Cartooning" by John Patterson; "Black Lagoon" by Tom Cooper; "Stubbie" by Clyde Yeadon (as Clyde Don); "The Strange Adventures of Mr. Weed" by Sheldon Mayer; "Freddie Bell" by Matt Curzon; "Spunk Hazard" by Stanley Randall; "J. Worthington Blimp, Esq." by Sheldon Mayer; "Prof. Nertz" by John Patterson; "Cannonball Jones" by Walt Kelly; and "Time Waits for No Man" by Stanley Randall. "Behind the Curtain" text story by Wallace Kirk. 68 pages. Paper cover, newsprint interior, half color, half black and white.

  • Vol. 1 #1
    Double Action Gang Magazine (1936-1937 Winford Publications) Pulp 1st Series Vol. 1 #1
  • Issue #22
    Famous Funnies (1934) 22
    • 6" cumulative spine split.

    Contains comic strip reprints, activity pages, and a text story. In order of appearance: "Goofie Gags" by Victor E. Pazmiño; "The Nut Brothers" and "Our Boarding House" by Gene Ahern; "The Adventures of Jabby" by Tom Carlisle; "Above the Crowd" by Benjamin D. Allen (as Stookie Allen); "Captain Easy" by Roy Crane; "Alley Oop" by V. T. Hamlin; "Alec and Itchy" by Jimmy George and Merle Mulholland; "Otto Honk" by Bela Zaboly; "Out Our Way" by J. R. Williams; "Boots" by Edgar Martin; "Hairbreadth Harry" by F. O. Alexander; "Buck Rogers" by Philip Francis Nowlan and Rick Yager (as Dick Calkins); "Holly of Hollywood" and "Keeping Up With The Joneses" by Pop Momand; "Napoleon" by Clifford McBride; "Herky" by Clyde Lewis; "Flying to Fame" by John Welch and Russell Ross; "Butty and Fatty" by M. E. Brady; "Nipper" and "Footprints on the Sands of Time" by Clare Victor Dwiggins; "Dan Dunn" by Norman Marsh; "Simp O' Dill" and "The Nebbs" by Sol Hess and Wallace A. Carlson; "Jolly Geography" and "High Lights of History" by J. Carroll Mansfield; "Fisher's History of Boxing" and "Joe Palooka" by Al Capp (as Ham Fisher); "This Curious World" by William Ferguson; "Freckles and his Friends" by Merrill Blosser; "Mescal Ike" by S. L. Huntley and Art Huhta; "Queenie" by S. M. Iger (as Bob Bliss); "Ned Brant of Carter" by Bob Zuppke and Bill W. Depew; "Flapper Fanny" by Gladys Parker; "Salesman Sam" by C. D. Small; "Connie" and "The Wet Blanket" by Frank Godwin; "The Frog Pond Ferry" by M. E. Brady; "Seaweed Sam" by Victor E. Pazmiño; "Olly of the Movies" by Julian Ollendorff; "Babe Bunting" by Roy L. Williams; "Amaze A Minute" by Arnold; "Dumb-Bells" by Charles J. Dunn (as Gar); "Dizzy Dramas" by Joe Bowers; "Lena Pry" and "Jane Arden" by Monte Barrett and Jack W. McGuire; "Flight" by W. D. Tipton and J. H. Mason; "Apple Mary" by Martha Orr; "Little Brother" and "The Bungle Family" by Harry J. Tuthill; "Strange as it Seems" by John Hix; "Such Is Life" by Walt Munson; and "Screen Oddities" by Captain Roscoe Fawcett and Bruno Thompson. "Through the Televisor" text story by Robert M. Hyatt. Activity pages by A. W. Nugent. 68 pages. Full color. Cover price $0.10.