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Amazing Spider-Man 2nd Series comic books issue 12

  • Issue #12
    Amazing Spider-Man (1998 2nd Series) 12

    Cover by John Byrne. Written by Howard Mackie. Art by John Byrne, John Beatty and Rodney Ramos. * THE SCOOP: The wall-crawler celebrates his first year back in the webs with a double-sized spectacular starring the new Sinister Six! * THE STORY: The normally unflappable Arthur Stacy desperately wants the mysterious Senator Stewart Ward destroyed--and so does the Sandman (who's evil again, like he should be)! The sandy one is putting together his old poker buddies back into a little outfit you may have heard of--they're called the Sinister Six! But this time Doctor Octopus wasn't asked to join--which has got him ticked off--especially since he too is on the Six's hit list! Meanwhile, Mary Jane's stalker proves to be too much for a distracted Spider-Man to handle! Oh, and did we mention that Doc Ock's replacement is none other than Venom?! * THE FORMAT: It's 48 pages of all-out action that continues in this month's PETER PARKER: SPIDER-MAN #12! * MARVEL MEMO: Dynamic Forces will offer a signed version of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #12. Please refer to the DF section for full details on this exciting collectors' item." Cover price $2.99.