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Police comics comic books issue 1

  • Issue #1
    Police Comics (1941) 1

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    First appearance of Plastic Man. Cover by Gill Fox. "Introducing the Firebrand," script by S. M. Iger, art by Reed Crandall; Firebrand's break-up of a window washer's racket leads him to bigger fish, who are attempting to steal a fortune in diamonds. "The Origin of #711," script and art by George E. Brenner; Dan agrees to take the rap for a soon-to-be-father, who agrees to give himself up to the law after seeing his newborn and wife; But when he is killed in an accident, prisoner #711 decides to remain behind bars and fight crime from there, in this case against Slick Panzer, who has swindled a widow out of $250,000. "The Attack of Ali Harid," script and art by Witmer Williams (as Clark Williams); Evans and Snap head to Cyranis to photograph enemy movements and activity, but when they return with photos for the general, they are arrested for violating a treaty with Ali Harid. "The Legend of the Black Baron," script and art by Vernon Henkel; When Curtis Randall decides to change his will and give away his entire art collection, he is seemingly murdered by a suit of armor belonging to one of his ancestors. Intro of Plastic Man in "The Origin of Plastic Man," script and art by Jack Cole; While escaping from a crime scene, Eel O'Brian has a vat of acid dumped on his head, giving him the ability to stretch his body; Eel decides he doesn't want to be a criminal anymore and uses his newly found powers to capture his former partners in crime. "The Redemption of Steele Kerrigan," art by Al Bryant. Intro and origin of the Phantom Lady in "The Coming of the Phantom Lady," art by Arthur Peddy; The Phantom Lady rescues a kidnapped scientist who has developed a uranium explosive. Intro of the Human Bomb in "The Origin of the Human Bomb," script and art by Paul Gustavson (as Paul Carroll). "Vengeance" text story featuring Dick Mace, script by Robert M. Hyatt. 68 pgs., full color. $0.10. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #1
    Don Maris Reprint: Police Comics #1 (1941/1975) 1

    Police Comics #1 (originally published in August 1941) is one in a series of reprints published in 1975 by comic and toy collector Don Maris. While similar in format to the Flashback reprints published by DynaPubs (Alan Light), the Maris editions reprint different Gold Age issues and represent better reproduction quality. Note: Hit Comics #1, Plastic Man #2, and Silver Streak #6 are the only issues reprinted by both publishers. The Maris and Flashback issues have become very collectible in their own right. They also represent a very inexpensive way for comic readers to read and enjoy comics that typically sell for thousands of dollars. Each Maris edition reproduces the original comic (some ad pages have been replaced with contemporary ads) except that the interior pages are in black-and-white rather than the original color. Cover price $3.00.

  • Issue #1
    Millennium Edition Police Comics (2000) 1

    WRITTEN AND ILLUSTRATED BY JACK COLE, WILL EISNER, ARTHUR PEDDY, PAUL GUSTAVSON, REED CRANDALL, FRED GUARDINEER, AND VARIOUS; COVER BY GILL FOX. The JLA's Plastic Man made his debut in this 1941 Quality Comics title featuring work by Jack Cole and the legendary Will Eisner! Besides the unforgettable Plastic Man origin by Jack Cole, this issue featured the debuts of Chic Carter by Will Eisner, Phantom Lady by Arthur Peddy, the Human Bomb by Paul Gustavson (under the pen name Paul Carroll), Firebrand by Reed Crandall, and more. "A veritable 'who's who' of '40s comics," says Joe Field. FC, 64 PG. Cover price $3.95.