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Wonder woman comic books issue 177

  • Issue #177
    Wonder Woman (1987 2nd Series) 177
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    • CGC Signature Series
    • Paper: White
    • Signed by Adam Hughes on 10/6/16.
    • Label #1431809006
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    • CBCS Authentic Signature
    • Paper: White
    • Witnessed Sig: Adam Hughes on 10/19/2019.
    • Label #FB9FF8-104

    WRITTEN BY PHIL JIMENEZ; ART BY JIMENEZ AND ANDY LANNING; COVER BY ADAM HUGHES In stores December 26. A DC FULL COVERAGE! entry-point issue! While the Amazons build a new Paradise Island after the effects of "Our Worlds at War," Wonder Woman pays her last respects to her mother. But will Diana finally let her rest in peace? FC, 32 PG. Cover price $2.25.

  • Issue #177
    Wonder Woman (1942 1st Series DC) 177

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    Cover pencils by Carmine Infantino (layout) and Irv Novick, inks by Irv Novick. "Wonder Woman & Supergirl vs the Planetary Conqueror," script by Bill Finger, pencils by Win Mortimer, inks by Jack Abel; An interplanetary conqueror called Klamos and his prime minister Grok are in search of a suitable queen for the monarch; To this end, they capture powerful and beautiful (by the standards of each planet) females from many worlds; From Earth they take Supergirl and Wonder Woman, capturing the former by red-sun radiation and the latter by magnetizing her bracelets together; The women contestants are set against each other in a battle royal, which at first Supergirl and Wonder Woman opt not to actively participate in, feeling that another woman will be the winner and Klamos will send both of them back home; Unfortunately, all the other candidates defeat each other, leaving only the two super-heroines. 36 pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.12.