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Buddy, I've dealt with Lone Star Comics in the selling of comics for a several years now, and it seems that every time, you find some way to pleasantly surprise me. Your generous offers seem to get better with time, your grading never disappoints and continually teaches even this old-timer of over 40 years of collecting new things to look for when fairly grading (and your grading is the fairest and most accurate in the business). Your rate of turnaround is extraordinarily fast; it seems like no time between the time books are submitted and the time I have a check in my hand. Your inventory and pricing are unsurpassed on the buying end, too. I still cringe at the time I spent selling on eBay, and wish I had all those dollars back and had known about Lone Star from the beginning. We've just concluded another transaction, and it's truly a comfort to know you and your staff is always there for ANY comics related need. As pros, you can't be touched; as the friend you've become, Buddy, you could never be replaced or surpassed. Many thanks and the happiest of New Year's wishes to the most deserving folks I know". I truly mean every word, Buddy. I hope to get to shake your hand one day.
— Gary M., Huntington, WV

Hello again to Buddy and the Lone Star Comics team. This is my 4th comics trade. No kidding around, I've been buying and trading for 25 plus years, but I've never been treated more fairly by anyone. Highest marks and kindest regards as always.
— Robert F., Clayton, NC

Buddy, I have been selling comics to Lone Star Comics now for nearly six months. To say that I have been satisfied with the results of selling my comics to your company would be a huge understatement. The advantages over eBay and other means of selling are too many to even list. But most importantly, Lone Star takes all of the hassle out of trying to sell a large number of comics. There is no better and more efficient way for an individual to sell comics than offering them to Lone Star Comics. It is just a great way to sell part of your collection and get a more than reasonable price for it. I also want to say that working with everyone at Lone Star Comics is a real pleasure. They are very professional and always extremely courteous. I have really benefited from the extra time that Este has spent helping me understand the grading on my books. So I would like to extend a big thank you to everyone at Lone Star Comics and I hope we can continue to do business for a very long time.
— Steve S., Newbury Park, CA

Just wanted you guys to know how much I appreciate your manner of conducting business. I've always been wary of doing business over the web and through the mail, but you have strengthened my faith that some still take pride in their work and operate with integrity. When recently deciding to sell a few of my comics, and having then peddled them around at local shops and on many web sites, your offer beat all the rest. So, taking the advice from your customer feedback, my comics were shipped on a Tuesday, and the "CASH-IN-A-FLASH" Lone Star Comics check was in my hand that coming Monday! Also, your free online system for recording, selling, and buying comics makes the entire trading process fun and easy! Thanks again for (as advertised) your fair offer, honest grading, speedy service, and prompt payment. I look forward to making Lone Star Comics and my first choice for a happy comic business experience.
— George L., Winston-Salem, NC

Let me begin by singing some praise about your organization. So far I've bought twice from you and traded once and in each case I was very pleased with both product and service. It's obvious that you have an old school mentality concerning how you regard your customers and I look forward to a long business relationship. Again, thanks for the exceptional service and fair treatment.
— Robert F., Clayton, NC

Gentlemen, I expected some grading deviation and I'm actually pleased that I was as close as I was in most cases. I was pleased with the books that I bought from you recently and I am now very pleased with the type of trading partner you've turned out to be. Now that I've tested the waters, count on me being back in touch with another trade list consisting of more "keys" and fewer "rank-and-files." Again, thanks for treating me fairly.
— Robert F., Clayton, NC

Once again, an absolute pleasure doing business with Lone Star Comics. Especially since I sent these Friday. You guys rock. Your company is the reason comics remain fun and accessible for future generations. Now more than ever, people need to discover the magic of this entertainment forum. At a time when our sports zeroes continuously drop the ball, these fictional characters show what can be. Thanks and Semper Fi!
— Chris A., Sanford, NC

Buddy, Thanks for the personal reply. I'd just like to say I'm quite impressed with the professional manner in which run your business. I'm an engineer by trade, and I'm very impressed with your buy/sell system from the technical side. I imagine the inventory control system must have been a real challenge to put together! Please keep up the great job you are doing, it's appreciated.
— Frank C., Harvard, MA

Mr. Saunders, I just wanted to say that you run a fine organization. Your automated system is awesome and it seems to me it has to be well worth what you paid for it. The comics I am trading-in are for credit only, and I like that because this gives me a chance to fill holes in my collection and do up-grades. Thanks for what you do. You are making my hobby a lot of fun. Each and every one of my emails have been answered quickly and professional. Since I have retired from the US Army (18 months ago), I have traded you over 1,200 of my comic doubles. I am 53 years old and have been a collector, really just a reader, who has kept his comics for over 40 years. I have approximately 18,000 in my collection.
— John E., Kennesaw, GA

I had a very valuable and rare collection of Golden-Era Superman-Tim comic books published in the 1940's and early 1950's. I was impressed by the website and the information provided on how to sell a full collection out right. I emailed a list of my comics along with scans. Within a couple of hours, I received a personal phone call from the owner, Buddy Saunders. He said he was ready to meet my asking price providing that the books were as described. I was reluctant at first on sending the books on faith, but Buddy spent some time with me over the phone and eased my concerns. Yet, because we were talking a lot of money, I double checked the website and noticed that there were multiple store locations and a link to the Better Business Bureau. I also checked the Mycomicshop feedback score on eBay. And, finally I checked with the Better Business Bureau. In the end, I was convinced that that this was a very legitimate business with high ethical standards. I mailed my comics the very next day via USPS (registered/insured as Buddy suggested). The following day, I received a call from Buddy telling me that he had received the comics and that they were as described. Buddy again agreed to my asking price over the phone without any price negotiation. I received an email the same day confirming that a Lone Star Comics company check would be mailed to me the following day. The check arrived promptly. Thus, within the space of five days, Lone Star Comics received my 22 Superman Tims, and I had a check in hand. I could not have been better pleased. I am a very satisfied customer and I highly recommend Lone Star Comics.
— Scott B., Dresden, Tennessee

Hi Buddy, I currently have a batch of books at your place being reviewed for trade. Once I have the offer for store credit back I will be placing another order. I also want to take the time to say that the comics I’ve purchased from you have been exceptional. I know I’ve gone over this before, but I can’t emphasize enough how nice it is to know that I’m getting my money’s worth. Also, your website is just phenomenal. I can honestly say now that I don’t even consider anyone else but for my collecting wants. Thanks again for your time and consideration. I look forward to many more purchases from you in the future.
— Jay S., Spencerport, NY

Buddy, I've not counted the number of times you've bought books and/or collections from me, and I sometimes think the experience can never get better. Then came my last transaction. I offered a group of comics that I bought with the express purpose of reselling to Lone Star Comics (with the exception of a couple of issues I kept myself). When your offer came back, I was absolutely blown away! You graded many of my books higher than I did, and the offer far exceeded what I had anticipated. When I think of the ease you provide vs. the expense and hassle of eBay, not to mention the generosity of your offer...I'm forever thankful that I've found you. I look so forward to future transactions, and I recommend to anyone to go to Lone Star Comics before even remotely considering doing anything else with comics they want to sell or trade. It's great to know you and know I'm always in good hands.
— Gary M., Huntington, WV

Hi Buddy, I just wanted to send a quick note about my most recent trade offer from you. It was great. I expected to get offered about $125.00 or so and you actually offered $197.00 in store credit. All I can say is WOW and thank you. Thought I would share my story with you and let you know again that I really enjoy your website and its ease of use. I’ve spent many hours pouring through the books you have available going over and over the titles and issues I’d like to have in my collection. All I can say is I haven’t found another store I’d feel comfortable using. I know I’m not a big customer for you, but the service I’ve received thus far makes me feel like one. You’ve not only turned me into a loyal customer, I’m also a raving fan of Lone Star Comics.
— Jay S., Spencerport, NY

Hi Buddy! Naturally, I really appreciate your honest grading, as you gave me a lot more credit value than I expected by upping the grades on issues I graded lower. You can probably tell I'm from the old school of grading lower grade books. It's hard for me to adjust, but it got me a lot more credit! Thanks! Naturally, I approve this transaction, I will be sending you more (this is a heck of a lot easier than eBay), and I hope you get more Marvel Golden and Atlas Age Masterworks in stock, as I guess that's my main area of interest these days. Thanks again!
— Gene K., Waterloo, IA

Thanks so much for being there. For personal reasons, I’ve needed to liquidate my prized comic collection of 40 years. I procrastinated, moved them around, sold a few on eBay, but really just let them sit for a very long time. Then, finding you, you purchased my bulk as a collection, but advised me to sell my older and key issues via your online want list system where I'd likely do better. I appreciated that you tried to help ME on what to do vs. just “sell it to us cheap”. I think I’m about at $10,000 just from you. So, finally, I’m about to send my prizes, and I have confidence you will be fair. I considered CGCing my gems – but your offers are truly fair given you of course need to turn around and make a profit. I’m also impressed that you upgrade many of my comics above the grades I gave them, even though it meant you'd owe me even more money! So, thanks for turning something that could have been very, very difficult into a process that was easy and painless. Now, if I can only find a ‘mycdshop’ or ‘mydvdshop’ to buy those collections as well.
— Dan D., Leawood, KS

Hi Buddy, thanks again for the terrific service. I've really enjoyed buying, selling, and trading with you and your staff this past year, and will continue to do so. Have a great week.
— Chris M., Munroe Falls, OH

I've had a wonderful experience doing business with your fine company for the last year or so. Your honesty and integrity in evaluating comic book grades has made me a loyal (and exclusive) customer.
— Ryan C., West Lynn, OR

Once again, the ease-of-use of your sell/trade system has impressed me. The simplicity of this system makes my day, every day. Your system is the gold standard against which other websites that buy comics are measured.
— Phillip K., Astoria, NY

Buddy & Lone Star Comics, not only do you have so many wonderful comics available at at very reasonable rates, you also provide such an easy way to trade. Your trade offers are so much better than any other place where I have traded, bar none! I highly recommend Lone Star Comics to anyone who is looking to buy, sell or trade comics. Lone Star Comics/ all the way!!
— Arlan S., Eugene, OR

It's been a pleasure trading with your excellent company. Not only has it made the comic book hobby fun for me, I have also discovered stories I never would have seen if it wasn't for your excellent inventory and trading service.
— Phillip K., Astoria, NY

Buddy, It's been nothing but a pleasure buying from you and selling to you this past year. I've stopped using your competitor all-together after dealing with your terrific website, and fantastic, prompt, and accurate buying and selling practices. I wish you and your whole staff a Happy New Year!
— Chris M., Munroe Fallas, OH

I really appreciate y'all taking the time to answer my question. Thanks for everything! I have shopped all the other comic sites online. T***, m***, D***, M***, M***,cs***, T***, and many more, and I can say in all honesty that Lone Star Comics is the very best! Outstanding customer service, excellent prices, accurate grading, unbeatable selection, you have it all! You are the best! Thanks again!
— Mike A., Edenton, NC

I found Lone Star Comics online and noticed they were selling a Radio Orphan Annie booklet. I had several of these that I wanted to sell so I wrote them an email asking if they might be interested. Not sure if I would get any response, as a lot of companies don't answer emails, I was pleasantly surprised to see my email answered, and very promptly. Lone Star Comics asked if I would send some scans of my items to them so they could review what I had to sell. Mr. Buddy Saunders called me within a day of my sending the photos and we made a deal over the phone. Lone Star Comics has done everything we agreed to and more. They acted quickly and it was a very smooth and pleasant transaction. I have found a company with which I will be happy to do business with in the future, whenever I come across comic books or other items of related interest. Lone Star Comics is working hard to please their customers in a time when customer service is all but lost. I highly recommend Lone Star Comics for purchases as well as sales of comics. I don't believe you will find a finer group of people.
— Tom L., Bartlett, NH

Thank you all so very much! You grading is thorough and is more than fair. I look forward to doing business with you in the future!
— David L., Tazewell, VA

Buddy, just a quick note to say thanks for a really good experience in selling my comics. I had also approached a large New York City buying group, but even a week later they had not even responded, although it took you only three hours! Believe me that in the future I will come to Lone Star Comics first. Your professionalism and courtesy are first class, and I greatly appreciate the service. Please feel free to use me as a reference to anyone who might want to know how exceptional you are.
— Craig S., Sugar Land, TX

Thank you, sir! Fastest deal ever! I only submitted my online offer about 3pm yesterday and yet tomorrow your next-day-air payment to me is due to arrive! Lone Star ROCKS!
— William F., Philadelphia, PA

Good morning Buddy, Shane, Este and all. You provided professionally grading for my comics along with a fair offer price. Thank you very much for your valuable time, and especially for the courtesy and friendliness throughout the transaction. Your phone calls and emails were most welcoming and helpful, as well as appreciated. Please consider this note as acceptance of your kind offer. Thank you again and stay well.
— Robert K., Kendall Park, NJ

I am absolutely thrilled with your company. The transaction was flawless at every step. You couldn't have a more fitting name for your business. is now "my comic shop." I will never trade comics anywhere else. Thank you very much for your business and an A++ job!
— Nick C., Hollidaysburg, PA

I have been a customer of one of your competitors for over 20 years. I can remember ordering through their catalogs (pre internet). I would save up my meager allowance to buy an Uncanny X-Men #58 in VG condition, then wait like a loyal hound by the mailbox for three weeks until it arrived. So, yeah, it's been a long time with them. Having said that, and even though it pains me to say it, your competitor is no longer my online comic shop. You, MyComicShop, are now my source for comics. Both you and your competitor have fantastic inventories and prompt delivery, but what sets MyComicShop apart for me is what I get for my money. It's hard to not be a fan of Mycomicshop. You offer better prices under a fairer (is that a word?) grading system. And really, it's as simple as that. Especially in today’s economy, “more bang for your buck” is appreciated. Now, I haven’t been a customer for very long, but I just thought you should know that I’ve switched over, and I thought you should know why. Thanks for letting me rant.
— Aaron F., North Hollywood, CA

Thank you so much for allowing me to trade old (and new) comics with you! Without your trade system, my reading choices would be far more limited. I really, truly appreciate it!
— Mike A., Edenton, NC

Thank you so much for grading theses so fast! I must have thought they were lower quality than they really were. At the grades I submitted, I expected $700.53, but because you upgraded most of my comics, some substantially, the final offer was $1,892.17. Needless to say, I accept!
— John K., Helena, MT

Buddy, I just read your weekly newsletter and saw that you mentioned you were listed on D&B. As you know, I am constantly checking the credit worthiness of current and prospective clients for my own business. As a result, I am a subscriber to the main D&B database, so I figured I'd check out Lone Star Comics for the fun of it. All I can say is you can buy anything from me on credit any time you want. Lone Star Comics has one of the highest credit ratings I have ever encountered on Dunn and Bradstreet. I'll refrain from listing the specifics, as I'm sure you already know them, but if there is anyone out there who has not sold to Lone Star for fear of receiving timely payment, they should know that your credit record is immaculate.
— Howard M., Somerset, NJ

I've done business over the years with many companies. Both local shops and online. Your selection is incredible and your service is great. Your trading system makes it affordable for me to buy comics in a time when I couldn't if I had to pay cash. I thank you so much for being here and upholding all your upstanding business practices. Your search functions are better than many sites. Not only can I search to find my favorite character appearances, I can also search for my favorite artist/writer appearances (Jim Starlin). I can't say enough about how much I appreciate all the people that are involved in everything from the trades I submit to the orders I place to the superb condition in which I receive my orders. Every man and woman in your company is doing an excellent, and really above and beyond, job of making customers happy. I am most definitely one of those happy customers. Keep up the good work. And thank you, each individual member of Lone Star Comics, for contributing what you do to make this the best place to sell/trade/buy comics.
— Shawn B., Oklahoma City, OK

Hi Buddy, the check arrived today as promised. I want to thank you for your prompt response and professionalism throughout this entire transaction. If this is any indication of the service you provide, I will always check Lone Star Comics first before making a comic book purchase or selling comics, as I did in this case. I know we will be doing business together again in the future!
— Bob B., Derby, CT

Doing business with Lone Star Comics was a very satisfying experience. Lone Star Comics will treat you fairly and in a professional manner. I highly recommend them to do business with. I was very impressed. I purchased these comic books (my "treasures") over 68 years ago as a young boy. Unknown to me, all my comic books were saved and carefully stored by my mother. At age 97, my mother left her home due to illness and I rediscovered my comics.
— Guy H., Hamilton, OH

Hi Buddy, just some random thoughts and thank yous I wanted to share. My observations are probably very obvious to many, but for some reason it has just dawned on me what a great service your business has provided for collectors. As you know, in the pre-internet days, it was almost impossible to complete most series, runs, sets or collections--enter the internet! Now a collector has a chance to fill those holes and not depend on one or more local sources or conventions and what they had to offer that particular day (often with attitude). Then you created the fantastic Lone Star Comics business and web site, an honest professional site with a great "want list" feature that improves any collector's chance to fill holes. I have used it repeatedly and with great satisfaction. Your latest buying list and system is a further stroke of genius--the greatest drop-ship option for collectors anywhere! I was talking to my wife about it the other day and feeling great about moving some of my collection your way when it dawned on me that I was not only helping myself, but your business as well, and the end-user collector who I don't even know but who wants these books from you for his/her collection Win-win-win. I'm happy, you are happy, and your customers are happy. Man, this is collecting heaven and a lot of folks, including me, are most appreciative. I know this sounds silly, but there is something wonderfully rewarding and very satisfying about sending you books that someone else needs/wants. Keep up the good work and have a great summer!
— Jordan N., San Carlos, CA

Hello, most of the comics in this collection belonged to my aunt. It's now time to let them go. Also, your web-site is fantastic! It was so much fun looking up all the comics. However, as most novices, my grading skills are probably not good. I'm really anxious to find out how close I came to your grading. Anyway, thanks so much again for this opportunity, and I hope you can take my comics. I certainly will look forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much!
— Barbara N., Hayfield, MN

Buddy - After several comic submissions to you, this was the first time I sent a batch to you that I hadn't had time to grade. I took a chance and offered an approximation of their worth to the buyer I dealt with, based on some minimum prices that (thanks to your online submission system) I knew you'd pay. I just had to write to tell you how pleased I am with your thorough, fair grading, and your generous buying offer. While a couple of the comics were over graded by me, several ended up being graded by your experts much higher than I'd anticipated. Your final offer pleased me to no end. Your constant ability to buy at very liberal percentages of guide, along with the speed of your "cash-in-a-flash" option (I highly recommend it to anyone planning on selling), never cease to amaze and please me. I look forward to many future dealings with Lone Star Comics.
— Gary M., Huntington, WV

This is my first time visiting your website. I have found it to be a wonderful experience. Your site is extremely detailed and informative. It is the best site for comic book sales I have encountered on the web.
— Richard D., Pittsburgh, PA

Mycomicshop is great. I will only buy comics here and sell/trade here. You guys are right, you are better than eBay for buying/selling/trading comics.
— William B., Miami, FL

I'm ready to sell another batch of comics to you. Selling my comics with you the first time was a blast--such an easy process! I'm going to begin sorting more of my comics tonight, but probably won't be finished until tomorrow (have more time then), but I'll definitely be mailing the box (probably a long box) on Wednesday. Thank you again for accepting my comics! I really adore how easy the process is. All I have to do is enter the comics I want to sell in my account database and then your wonderful system just tells me which ones you are ready to buy. I'll be moving soon to Helena, Montana. Once I'm settled there, I am looking forward to using your subscription service because there isn't a comic store anywhere near Helena. Thanks again for such a wonderful website!
— John K., Yuma, AZ

Dear Buddy and crew, I've been buying a pretty substantial number of comics from you over the past 6-8 months. I'll be the first to admit it's gotten a bit obsessive--note the number of orders, sometimes multiples per week! That's because your selection blows me away, and I've gotten the bug for Bronze Age keys and semi-keys. Anyway, I've purchased a nicer copy of Amazing Spider-Man 129 recently, and thought it might be time to retire my lesser (but still attractive) copy by trading it to you. I have a lot of mid-to-high-grade Copper Age material that I thought better of listing now, but I will upload later when I hope to have more "good stuff" to offer you. In the meantime, hope my current batch of comics will suit you. By the way, I belonged to your monthly sub service back in the early '80s when Miller's Daredevil was king--seems like a long time ago! Thanks for your time and consideration.
— Paul Y., Nashville, TN

Hi Buddy, I've been a customer for a couple of years with Lone Star Comics and purchased hundreds (if not thousands) of comics with you over that time through both your subscription service and back issue catalogue. I've been idle over the past month, but it's not because I've jumped ship or stopped collecting comics. Rather, higher education has come calling so I've had to make some cutbacks. Unfortunately, one of the hardest cutbacks I've had to make is my comic collecting. Before Mycomicshop, I struggled with other subscription services that delivered my comic badly damaged. I also had a very hard time finding quality back issues. But Lone Star Comics changed all that. I'd just like to commend you and your entire staff on the excellent job they've done. Your service is among the best I've received with anybody and hopefully you're wonderful site (and stores) will remain active for years to come. So thank you, and hopefully, after life has settled down a little, I'll be able resume my patronage.
— Brandon W., Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada

Dear Mr. Saunders and the Lone Star Comics staff, I would like to thank you for the making the sale of my Amazing Spider-Man collection so easy and enjoyable. I appreciate the fact that not only did you purchase the "key" issues in my Spider-man collection, but that you also bought all my "filler" issues as well. It might not seem like much, but it certainly helped by allowing me to sell everything in one transaction instead of having to go through countless other sales for what may have taken years. I also appreciate your frequent updates on the sale and payment status of our deal as well as repaying me the cost of shipping the comic collection to you. I would highly recommend that anyone wishing to sell a comic book collection (be it large or small) contact you before anyone else. Thanks again!
— Keith S., Dothan, AL

Hey Buddy, A quick note of praise... Recently, I thought I'd check one of your Distinguished Competition's sites to see if they had some of the books on my wish list in stock. The comics were available (in theory) from this other site, so I thought I'd try to place an order. TRY ended up being the operative word! Man, their site and entire store mechanism was a big time disappointment! It was so buggy (and non-user friendly) that I gave up after five minutes. Lone Star and all the way! PS: I've started entering a few items in the new buy/trade system. It's great! Can't wait to send you my first group of trade comics.
— John P., West Boothbay Harbor, ME

I wish I had found your buying/trading service YEARS ago! I do my best to grade accurately, but you guys are the very best. I am always satisfied with your decisions. I really appreciate your great business practices! And I really mean it. I run a small business myself, (a meat market) and I know how important customer service is. You guys are TOP NOTCH! Thanks!
— Mike A., Edenton, NC

Buddy, Thanks for taking the time to meet with me. I would rather sell comics to you than in any other way. I trust you, and won't waste your time on common or ordinary collections, but instead offer bigger, better collections like the one you bought Monday.
— Lance W., Austin, TX

Dear Buddy, You are an amazing fellow! In this world of SPAM, SCAM and CON, you stand out as a pillar of integrity, honesty and fairness. I am a first time comics seller. I was looking to sell my small but treasured collection of 154 Golden Age comics. Fellow collectors told me I would be lucky to sell my collection at 20% of Overstreet Guide, and that dealers would grade my comics to their great advantage, certainly not mine. Well, they are eating their words now and shaking their heads. Your grading of each and every one of my comics was fair and honest. And, your offer? WOW! I couldn’t believe my eyes! And couldn’t believe the check when it arrived so quickly at my front door--via next-day-air. I feel truly lucky to have found your website. Through our communication around these comics and our seller/buyer transaction, you have been definitely a person one can trust. It has been a totally refreshing experience to sell you my comic collection. And, even more so, to deal with a business person who loves what he does, respects everyone he deals with, and puts doing the ‘RIGHT’ thing first as “Job One” at Lone Star Comics. Thank you for being who/how you are – You get MY VOTE for Best U.S. Businessman of the Year!
— Timlin B., Fairfield, IA

Hello Buddy, First of all, I just wanted to say thank you for every transaction I have done with you. Buying/selling, and trading with you guys has been a real pleasure. I am thinking about shifting my collecting goals to original art, and am currently interested in selling my entire comic collection. Since you guys have been great to deal with, I thought I would send you the list first to see if it would be something you would be interested in.
— Andrew K., Alliance, OH

As a young boy I had remembered reading a very old comic in my mother’s cupboard. I was always told to “put that back where you got it.” When I was 32, I saw a 20 second CNN news clip about the most expensive comic book collection ever sold. I was shocked to see the comic I read as a boy--Marvel Comic Vol. 1 No. 1 from 1939. Right away, I called my parents (who had moved twice sense I was a boy). I asked about that comic and told them the story. The said that it was left in the old house so we chalked it up to fate. Well, fate intervened again and the Midwest floods of 2008 brought water to my parent’s basement. As my mother was moving some boxes ahead of the flooding, she found the old comic Marvel No. 1. The next four days I read as much as I could on the internet about comic books in general and Marvel No.1 particular. The most informative web sight was “Lone Star Comics.” I found the staff at Lone Star Comics more than ready to offer their assistance. Buddy, my point of contact at Lone Star, made me feel very at ease even though I was very uninformed in the process I was undertaking. He was always ready to offer third party points of contact so that I (if I chose) would be able to get a second opinion on any information he was offering me. Because Buddy was so informative, I stuck with him during the whole sale of this comic (one of very few that survived the WWII paper drives). I would like to thank Lone Star Comics for making what could have been a very stressful event into a true adventure.
— Curtis D., Barry, IL

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