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  • Issue #1-1ST
    100 Things X-Men Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die SC (2018 IP) 1-1ST 100 Things X-Men Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die SC (2018 IP) 1-1ST

    1st printing.

    By Brian Cronin.

    Whether you've read the earliest X-Men comics from the Silver Age or never miss a big screen release, these are the 100 things all X-Men fans need to know and do in their lifetime. Comic Book Resources' Brian Cronin has collected every essential piece of mutant knowledge and trivia, as well as must-do activities, and ranks them all from 1 to 100, providing an entertaining and easy-to-follow checklist as you progress on your way to fan superstardom!

    Softcover, 5 1/2-in. x 8-in., 304 pages, Text. Cover price $16.95.

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Cable Revolution TPB (2018 Marvel) 1-1ST Cable Revolution TPB (2018 Marvel) 1-1ST

    1st printing. Collects Cable (1993-2002 1st Series) #79-96.

    Written by Robert Weinberg. Art by Michael Rryan, Essad Ribic, and Tom Derenick. Cover by Michael Ryan.

    Revolution rocks Cable's world! When three witches appear with dire warnings, Cable must unravel the riddle of two warring alternate futures - Harmony and the Ranshi Empire - and discover his critical role in their creation! And when a sadistic body-hopping killer strikes, Cable must battle Domino and Irene Merryweather! Can he defeat his true foe without killing his friends? Cable's sister, Rachel Summers, resurfaces in the timestream, but a rescue effort may cost him dearly - and leave Cable unable to face the vast and manipulative Dark Sisterhood! Plus: When the Brotherhood strikes, a tragic death forces Nathan to reflect on what Xavier's dream truly means to him, and to question his place in the X-Men. Novelist Robert Weinberg's run is collected in full!

    Softcover, 440 pages, full color. Cover price $39.99.

  • Issue #1G
    Domino (2018 Marvel) 1G
    Published 2018 by Marvel.

    2nd Printing. Written by Gail Simone. Art by David Baldeon. BAD LUCK AND TROUBLE Part 1 Impossible curves. Impossible shots. Impossible targets. Marvel's #1 soldier of fortune is back in an explosive new ongoing series! The product of a failed super-soldier program, Neena Thurman always made her own luck as the sharpshooting mercenary known as Domino… but what happens when her own powers betray her? The hunter becomes the hunted as every mercenary in the game smells blood in the water! Plus: A pair of beloved Marvel characters return! 28 pages, full color. Parental Advisory Cover price $3.99.

  • Issue #1A
    Hunt for Wolverine Mystery Madripoor (2018) 1A

    Written by Jim Zub. Art by Thony Silas. Cover by Greg Land. WHAT MAYHEM HAS THE RETURN OF THE MUTANT WITH METAL CLAWS CAUSED IN MADRIPOOR? When Wolverine's former alter-ego Patch is sighted on the streets of Madripoor, the infamous island of ill-repute, Kitty Pryde pulls together a group of Logan's closest friends to try and find him: Storm, Rogue, Psylocke, Domino, and Jubilee. What they discover is a twisted cabal of crime and dark mysteries that will take these X-Men from the depths of Lowtown to the stars circling overhead in the Hunt For Wolverine. Parental Advisory Cover price $3.99.

  • Issue #5
    Legion (2018 Marvel) 5
    Published by Marvel.

    Written by Peter Milligan. Art by Wilfredo Torres. Cover by Javier Rodriguez. With everything on the line, Dr. Hannah Jones must now confront a creature from her own mind! What is the grotesque entity known as Bessie Doll? And even if she does overcome Bessie Doll and Lord Trauma…will she ever escape Legion's twisted mindscape? Rated T+ Cover price $3.99.

  • Issue #4-1ST
    Legion Son of X TPB (2018 Marvel) 4-1ST Legion Son of X TPB (2018 Marvel) 4-1ST

    Volume 4 - 1st printing. "We are Many!" Collects X-Men: Legacy (2012-2014 2nd Series) #19-24.

    Written by Si Spurrier. Art by Tan Eng Huat and Khoi Pham. Cover by Mike Del Mundo.

    The epic saga of Legion reaches its big finish, guest-starring the allies he's made along the way - and not all of them will emerge unscathed! One of Legion's most troublesome personalities threatens to annihilate an alien species, and S.W.O.R.D. director Abigail Brand is on the case - but will she be able to work with David to solve this extraterrestrial conundrum? Legion prepares for a final showdown with the monster in his mind that wears his dead father's face, but the demonic Professor X has escaped into the real world. What price will Legion pay to stop him from razing the Earth? And prophesied to stop Legion, will Young X-Man Blindfold take matters into her own hands and extinguish her first love? One thing's for sure: As this groundbreaking series concludes, anything is possible!

    Softcover, 136 pages, full color. Cover price $15.99.

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Venom and X-Men Poison-X TPB (2018 Marvel) 1-1ST Venom and X-Men Poison-X TPB (2018 Marvel) 1-1ST

    1st printing. Collects X-Men Blue (2017) Annual 1, X-Men Blue (2017) 21-22, and Venom (2016 Marvel) 162-163.

    Written by Cullen Bunn. Art by Edgar Salazar, Jacopo Camagni, Edgar Salazar, Ario Anindito, and Allen Martinez. Cover by Nick Bradshaw.

    Spinning out of the events of VENOMVERSE, the Children of the Atom and the Lethal Protector team up to take down an extradimensional threat! This is it, folks, the team-up you've been asking for: X-Men Blue and Venom must band together in the cold reaches of space to protect our universe from a threat more diabolical than you can ever imagine! But will Eddie Brock and his faithful symbiote, Marvel Girl, Cyclops, Iceman, Beast and Angel be enough to save the universe from the Poisons? It's a crossover like no other - one that will change the lives of Venom and the X-Men!

    Softcover, 128 pages, full color. Cover price $17.99.

  • Issue #28
    X-Men Gold (2017) 28
    Published by Marvel.

    Til Death Do Us Part: Part 3 - Written by Marc Guggenheim. Art by Geraldo Borges. Cover by Phil Noto. THE COUNTDOWN TO THE MUTANT WEDDING OF THE CENTURY! Everything is going wrong. The X-Men are under attack from all sides… …and there's still a wedding to plan! Rated T+ Cover price $3.99.

  • Issue #3E
    X-Men Red (2018) 3E
    Published 2018 by Marvel.

    2nd Printing. The Hate Machine Part 3 - Written by Tom Taylor. Art and Cover by Mahmud A. Asrar. The battle rages in India, and the newest X-Men member may be the key to the team's survival. GAMBIT is caught up the intensifying global frenzy of mutant hate. Plus: Could one of JEAN GREY's oldest friends turn foe? 28 pages, full color. Rated T+ Cover price $3.99.