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Comic books in 'Subterranean Wars'

  • Issue #20
    Avengers (1963 1st Series) Annual 20

    "Of Moles and Mutates" Part 1 of the Subterranean Wars storyline. Plot by Paul Ryan and Peter Sanderson. Script by Roy Thomas and Dann Thomas. Pencils by Kevin West. Inks by Fred Fredericks. Cover by Tom Morgan. Hercules and Sersi's afternoon stroll down Broadway is interrupted by an explosion from down below! Suddenly a large hole has opened up in the pavement and hordes of Lava Men, Tyrannoids, and Moloids are pouring out! Where are these strange creatures running to? Or perhaps the better question…what are they running from?! In a matter of minutes, Earth's Mightiest Heroes arrive on Broadway and send the subterraneans scurrying back down their hole! Is this adventure over for the Avengers? Not quite. Quasar guides the team underground where in the shadows…the Mole Man, Tyrannus, and Grotesk lurk! Oh my, that's all-star collection of subsurface super-villains! Avengers Assemble! But not against that subterranean trio! Rather against Brutus and his hard-charging Deviants! Story continues in Incredible Hulk Annual 17. Cameo appearance by Kala. Avengers Lineup: Black Widow, Captain America, Hercules, Quasar, Rage, Sandman, Sersi, She-Hulk, and the Vision. Second story: "The History of Subterranea" Script by Peter Sanderson. Pencils by Jeff Moore. Inks by Bud LaRosa. The Watcher narrates the long history of Subterranea. Flashback cameos by the Celestials, Tyrannus, Black Knight (aka Sir Percy), Mole Man, Grotesk, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, the original X-Men, and the Hulk. Third story: "Burning Vision" Script by Eric Fein. Art by Michael Bair. The Vision rescues a young boy from a burning building. Fourth story: "A Wing and a Prayer" Script by Michael Higgins. Pencils by Ed Murr. Inks by Mike Bair. A terminal cancer patient intervenes in a battle between Thor and the Absorbing Man…and is miraculously cured! Cameo appearance by Odin. Fifth feature: One-page retelling of the Avengers' origin. Sixth feature: One-page pin-up of the original Avengers by Mike Mignola. (Note: Grotesk previously appeared in Ms. Marvel 8.) 64 pages. Cover price $2.00.

  • Issue #17
    Incredible Hulk (1962-1999 1st Series) Annual 17

    Cover by Ron Wagner & Bob McLeod. Stories by Peter David, Eric Fein, Gary Barnum and unknown. Art by Ron Wagner, John Romita, Sr., John Statema, John Stanisci, Mike Witherby, Al Milgrom, Fred Fredericks, Jeff Albrecht, Ralph Cabrera and Tim Dzon. SUBTERRANEAN WARS: Part 2 of 5 - "Old As the Hills." Plus the back-up stories: "Vicious Cycle"; "Mean Joe" (five contest winners featured in short story); "Hero Worship" (starring Rick Jones); and "Not to the Swift" (starring the Pantheon). 64 pages, full color. Cover price $2.00.

  • Issue #1
    Namor the Sub-Mariner (1990 1st Series) Annual 1

    Subterranean Wars: Part 3. Featuring "The Origin of the Sub-Mariner!" By Scott Lobdell, Evans, Candelario, Mendez, and Albers. Featuring the life and times of Prince Namor. Featuring cameos by the Invaders, Defenders, Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom, and the Avengers. "Never Again!" Guest-starring Stingray. By Scott Lobdell, James Fry, Erik Larsen, Roy Thomas, and Sharpe. The unholy triumvirate of Tyrannus, Grotesk, and the Mole Man continue their war against the Deviants and the Sub-Mariner is caught in the middle. "The Potsdam Objective!" Starring the Invaders. By Moreshead, Thomas, Hester, Hudson, Tinsley, and Moreli. During the harrowing days of WWII Namor, Captain America, and the Red Guardian must team-up to stop a Nazi scheme. And, "Day of Reckoning!" Guest-starring the Avengers, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Doctor Strange, Spitfire, and the original Human Torch. By Cooper, Hawbaker, Hoover, Akin, Ron Garvey, and Albers. Why are all of Namor's super-hero friends fighting so hard to prevent him from going to work at his Oracle offices. The answer will surprise even him. Includes a pin-up of the original Avengers by Mike Mignola. Cover price $2.00.

  • Issue #12
    Iron Man (1968 1st Series) Annual 12

    Subterranean Wars: Part 4 - "The Homecoming!" Written by Roy and Dan Thomas. Art by Tom Morgan. The Golden Avenger goes toe-to-toe with the Outcasts! Pray he survives. Also includes: "Construction Complete!" Written by Len Kaminski. Art by Barry Kitson and Andrew Pepoy. Quasimodo returns! Then in "The Trap!" Written by Dwight Jon Zimmerman. Art by John Stanisci and Don Heck. The Trapster strikes! And finally in "Metamorphosis!" Story and art by Gavin Curtis. Ant-Man takes center stage. 64 pages, FC. Cover price $2.00.

  • Issue #6
    Avengers West Coast (1986) Annual 6

    "Storm in Subterranea" Part 5 of the Subterranean Wars storyline. Story by Roy and Dann Thomas. Art by George Freeman, Danny Bulanadi, Andrew Pepoy, and Bob Wiacek. Cover by Tom Morgan. It's the awesome conclusion to the Subterranean Wars saga! The West Coast Avengers must first come to the aid of the Mole Man and then free the East Coast Avengers in order to defeat Brutus and his army of mutates. Avengers Lineup: Hawkeye, Iron Man, Living Lightning, Scarlet Witch, Spider-woman, Wonder Man, and U.S. Agent. First back up story: "West Side Story" Story by Roy Thomas. Art by Jeff Moore and John Tartaglione. Spider-woman reviews the history of the Avengers West Coast. Second back up story: "A Wasp in Hollywood" Story by Roy Thomas. Art by Jeff Moore and Marc McKenna. The Wasp submits her first screenplay to Hollywood. Third back up story: "Justice, Like Lightning" Story by Roy Thomas. Art by Steve Carr and George Wildman. The Living Lightning has to deal with a personal tragedy. 64 pages Cover price $2.00.