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Comic books in 'Planet DC Annual'

  • Issue #13
    Flash (1987 2nd Series) Annual 13

    WRITTEN BY CHUCK DIXON; ART AND COVER BY ALCATENA In stores July 12. Two Flashes meet an entire team of Argentine heroes in an explosive "Planet DC" Annual! Written by Chuck Dixon (NIGHTWING, Marvel Knights) with stunning art by Alcatena (WEIRD WAR TALES SPECIAL, BATMAN OF ARKHAM), Flash Jay Garrick and Argentina's greatest heroes are held captive by eerie supernatural forces. One of the heroes ? Salamanca ? uses her mystical powers to summon Flash Wally West to their side. But will he be enough to turn the tide against an army of the strangest beings any of our heroes have ever encountered? Plus, a backup story reveals Salamanca's origin. FC, 48 PG. Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #1
    JSA (2000) Annual 1

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    WRITTEN BY GEOFF JOHNS AND DAVID S. GOYER; ART BY BUZZ, CANTON; WADE VON GRAWBADGER, AND JIM ROYAL; COVER BY BUZZ A "Planet DC" Annual introduces a new character connected to Archie Goodwin's and Walter Simonson's MANHUNTER! Her name is Nemesis, a mysterious Greek vigilante. Will she prove to be a friend or a deadly enemy? And can the women of the team defeat the re-formed, world-threatening Council, now lead by one of the JSA's greatest villains? Plus, a backup story reveals the origin of Nemesis! FC, 48 PG. Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #9
    Green Lantern (1990-2004 2nd Series) Annual 9

    WRITTEN BY TIM TRUMAN; ART BY COY TURNBULL, STEPHEN BLUE AND JOHN LOWE; COVER BY TRUMAN In stores July 26. Green Lantern Kyle Rayner meets Tunisia's champion in an exciting "Planet DC" Annual written by Tim Truman (CREATURE COMMANDOS, THE KENTS)! In the first story (with art by Coy Turnbull and John Lowe), Kyle and the rest of the world gasp at the incredible power of the super-strong, sword-wielding Tunisian hero known as Sala! But will hers and GL's powers be enough to stand against the deadly demon Pazuzu? Plus, a backup story (illustrated by Stephen Blue and Lowe) reveals Sala's incredible origin. FC, 48 PG. Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #1
    Titans (1999 1st Series) Annual 1

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    WRITTEN BY GEOFF JOHNS AND BEN RAAB; ART BY JUSTINIANO, RICK MAYS AND CHRIS IVY; COVER BY JUSTINIANO. A "Planet DC" Annual with a lead story written and drawn by the BEAST BOY team of Geoff Johns (JSA), Ben Raab (LEGEND OF THE HAWKMAN), Justiniano, and Chris Ivy! Beast Boy and Flamebird encounter ancient evil in the Land of the Rising Sun, and meet Japan's new defender, the warrior called Bushido! Nightwing, Arsenal, Troia, Flash, and Tempest soon race off to help their former comrades against a supernatural foe, but will Bushido pose an even bigger threat? In a backup story (written by Johns and Raab with art by Rick Mays), we discover Bushido's origin and learn the warrior's code that he will struggle to obey...or die trying. FC, 48 PG. Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #4
    JLA (1997) Annual 4

    WRITTEN BY BRIAN K. VAUGHAN; ART AND COVER BY STEVE SCOTT AND HECTOR COLLAZO The first "Planet DC" Annual introduces a mysterious new heroine from Turkey: the Janissary! When a rogue General unleashes an ancient evil in Ankara, the JLA rushes to the scene to do battle with the demon Iblis and his fire genies. But they soon find that they'll need the Janissary's help to defeat the magical menace before the Ottoman Empire rises again to claim the land where East meets West. Plus: a backup story revealing the Janissary's exciting origin ? including how she received her enchanted scimitar and book of spells! For more information, see the feature article. FC, 48 PG. Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #12
    Superman (1987 2nd Series) Annual 12

    WRITTEN BY OSCAR PINTO, FRANCISCO HAGHENBECK AND BRIAN K. VAUGHAN; ART BY CARLO BARBERI AND JUAN VLASCO; COVER BY HUMBERTO RAMOS AND WAYNE FAUCHER. Superman needs the help of a trio of new super-heroes to save Mexico and the entire world from a mystical threat! When the Man of Steel heads to Mexico to battle the combined mystic energies of the entire world, will local super-heroes Acrata, El Muerto and Iman be enough to turn the tide? or will their strange combination of science and mysticism be a cure that's worse than the disease? Plus, a backup story reveals the real story of the mysterious new champions ? or at least as close to real as a WGBS reporter can get! FC, 48 PG. Cover price $3.50.