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Comic books in 'Mark of the Krypton Man'

  • Issue #57
    Superman (1987 2nd Series) 57

    The Mark of the Krypton Man! Part 1 of 3. Featuring the 1st appearance of the Eradicator (in anthropoid form). Story by Dan Jurgens. Art by Dan Jurgens, Art Thibert, Jon Bogdanove, Bob McLeod, Tom Grummett, Brett Breeding, Dennis Janke, Denis Rodier, and Jerry Ordway. A powerful being with ties to Superman's past decides that the Last Son of Krypton is not living up to his heritage, and decides to recreate a dead world here on Earth. Story continues in Adventures of Superman (1939-2006) #480. 52 pages Cover price $1.75.

  • Issue #480
    Adventures of Superman (1987) 480

    Part 3 of the 4-part 'Revenge of the Krypton Man,' continued from Superman The Man of Steel (1991) #1 (Part 1) and Superman (1987) #57 (Part 2), and concluding in Action Comics (1938 DC) #667. The Krypton Man drags Superman toward Earth's newly red sun and certain death until Superman takes temporary refuge on the planet Mercury. Also, the red sun creates natural disasters that endanger the Kent/White sea cruise. Written by Jerry Ordway, with art by Dan Jurgens, Jon Bogdanove, Brett Breeding, Jim Mooney, Tom Grummett, Bob McLeod, Curt Swan, Art Thibert, Denis Rodier and Ordway. Cover by Ordway. Cover price $1.75.

  • Issue #667
    Action Comics (1938 DC) 667

    Conclusion of the 4-part 'Revenge of the Krypton Man,' continued from Adventures of Superman (1939) #480. After escaping the Krypton Man on Mercury, Superman heads for his Fortress of Solitude for the final showdown! Meanwhile, why are Lana Lang and Pete Ross in Washington, D.C.? Written by Roger Stern, with art by Jerry Ordway, Jim Mooney, Tom Grummett, Curt Swan, Art Thibert, Dan Jurgens, Jon Bogdanove, Dennis Janke, Denis Rodier and Brett Breeding. Cover by Jurgens and Bob McLeod. 52 pages, Full Color, $1.75. Cover price $1.75.