Comic books in 'Live Kree or Die'

  • Issue #7
    Iron Man (1998 3rd Series) 7

    Live Kree or Die. Part 1 of 4. "Bad Moon Rising!" Guest-starring Warbird (Ms. Marvel). Story by Kurt Busiek. Art by Sean Chen, Eric Cannon, and Sean Parsons. Tony confronts his teammate, Carol Danvers, about her drinking problem. Meanwhile, a small cadre of Kree warriors have resurrected the Kree Supreme Intelligence and plan to exact revenge on those responsible for his passing, the Avengers and the planet Earth. Story continues in Captain America (1998 3rd Series) #8. Cover price $1.99.

  • Issue #8
    Captain America (1998 3rd Series) 8

    Live Kree or Die: Part 2 of 4. "Stuck in the Middle!" Guest-starring Warbird (Ms. Marvel). Story by Mark Waid. Art by Andy Kubert and Jesse Delperdang. Story continued from Iron Man (1998-2004 3rd Series) #7. Last issue it was Skrulls running amuck. Now, it's the Kree's turn. A renegade band of alien Kree plan to use the former Ms. Marvel's unique genetic makeup to transform the Earth's population into a race of Neo-Kree. Can Captain America stand against this alien force on his own, or will he have to call in some reinforcements? Story continues in Quicksilver (1997-1998) #10. Cover price $1.99.

  • Issue #10
    Quicksilver (1997) 10
    Published Aug 1998 by Marvel.

    Cover pencils by Derec Aucoin. Live Kree or Die! Part 3: Blue Moon, script by John Ostrander and Joe Edkin, pencils by Derec Aucoin, inks by Rich Faber; Quicksilver and various Avengers go to the moon to stop the Kree from firing an Omni-Wave Projector at the Earth. Continued from Captain America #8 (1998), continued in Avengers #7 (1988). 38 pgs. $1.99. Cover price $1.99.

  • Issue #7
    Avengers (1997 3rd Series) 7

    Live Kree or Die: Part 4 of 4. "The Court Martial of Carol Danvers!" Guest-starring Quicksilver. Story by Kurt Busiek. Art by George Perez and Al Vey. Story continued from Quicksilver (1996-1997) #10. Warbird has been taken captive by a renegade band of alien Kree. These alien outlaws plan to use the former Ms. Marvel's unique genetic makeup (she's part human and part Kree) to transform the Earth's population into a race of Neo-Kree. Now, the Avengers, with Quicksilver in tow, must rocket to the moon to try and stop this mad scheme before it comes to fruition. Cover price $1.99.

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Avengers Omnibus HC (2015 Marvel) By Kurt Busiek and George Pérez 1-1ST

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    Volume 1 - 1st printing. Collects Avengers (1998-2004 3rd Series) #1-23, #0 and #1 ROUGH CUT, Iron Man (1998-2004 3rd Series) #7, Captain America (1998-2002 3rd Series) #8, Quicksilver (1997-1998) #10, AVENGERS ANNUAL '98-'99, and Avengers Forever (1998) #1-12. Stories by Kurt Busiek, Jerry Ordway, Richard Howell, Mark Waid, John Ostrander, Joe Edkin, Len Kaminski, John Francis Moore and Roger Stern. Art by George Pérez, Jerry Ordway, Stuart Immonen, Sean Chen, Andy Kubert, Derec Aucoin, Carlos Pacheco, Leonardo Manco, Al Vey, Bob Wiacek, Bruce Patterson, Scott Koblish, Al Gordon, Wade von Grawbadger, Eric Cannon, Sean Parsons, Jesse Delperdang, Rich Faber, BATT, Russell, Paul Neary and Jesús Merino. Cover by George Pérez. The Avengers have always defended humanity against the forces of evil. When duty calls, these legendary champions answer, fighting valiantly for justice. But as the Avengers re-form in the wake of a life-changing event, they must face an array of foes like no other: Morgan Le Fay, the Squadron Supreme, the Kree, the Legion of the Unliving, the Thunderbolts, the Wrecking Crew...not to mention facing Kang and Immortus in the Destiny War! But when the merciless Ultron attacks, wiping out an entire nation in his hatred for mankind, the Avengers must live up to their name - if they can! Hardcover, 8-in. x 11-in., 1,184 pages, full color. Cover price $125.00.