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Deadpool Minibus HC (2014- Marvel) 1st Edition comic books

  • Issue #0-1ST
    Deadpool Minibus HC (2014- Marvel) 1st Edition 0-1ST Deadpool Minibus HC (2014- Marvel) 1st Edition 0-1ST

    1st Edition - Volume 0 - 1st printing. Collects Deadpool: Suicide Kings (2009 Marvel) #1-5, Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War (2010) #1-4, Deadpool Pulp (2010 Marvel) #1-4, Amazing Spider-Man (1998-2013 2nd Series) Annual #38, Deadpool (2008 2nd Series) Annual #1, Incredible Hulks (2011 Marvel) Annual #1 and Fear Itself: Deadpool (2011 Marvel) #1-3.


    Discover how Deadpool became the king of the limited series! First, everyone's after the Merc With a Mouth - and to clear his name, he'll have to get past Daredevil, the Punisher and Spider-Man! Next, a very different Wade Wilson testifies about his mercenary days - but whose side are Bullseye, Silver Sable and Domino on? And join a pulp-inspired 'Pool for a Cold War caper - Codename: Deadpool! And as the Marvel Universe is wracked with FEAR ITSELF, only the Regeneratin' Degenerate could see it as a way to make money! Plus: Trapped in another dimension, Deadpool, Spider-Man and the Hulk encounter their opposite numbers!

    Hardcover, 496 pages, full color.

    Cover price $75.00.

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Deadpool Minibus HC (2014- Marvel) 1st Edition 1-1ST

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    1st Edition - Volume 1 - 1st printing. Collects Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe (2012) #1-4, Deadpool Killustrated (2013) #1-4, Deadpool Kills Deadpool (2013) #1-4, Night of the Living Deadpool (2014) #1-4, and Deadpool vs. Carnage (2014) #1-4.

    Written by Cullen Bunn. Art by Dalibor Talajic, Matteo Lolli, Salva Espin and Ramon Rosanas.

    Deadpool's wildest adventures are collected in one blood-soaked volume! What if Deadpool decided to kill everyone and everything that makes up the Marvel Universe? What if he followed that up by slaughtering the most famous fictional characters in classic literature? And what if he finally took aim at the ultimate target: himself? You'd have the fan-favorite "Deadpool Killogy," that's what! But when Deadpool battles Deadpool, will he win or perish? Yes! Then: Deadpool awakes from a food coma to find...the zombie apocalypse has occurred! Can the Merc with a Mouth avoid becoming the Merc in their mouths?! And when Deadpool takes on Carnage, good-crazy battles bad-crazy, blood will flow - and Deadpool will literally go to pieces!

    Hardcover, 480 pages, full color.

    Cover price $59.99.

  • Issue #2-1ST
    Deadpool Minibus HC (2014- Marvel) 1st Edition 2-1ST

    Volume 2 - 1st printing. Collects Deadpool vs. X-Force (2014) #1-4, Hawkeye vs. Deadpool (2014) #0-4, Deadpool's Art of War (2014) #1-4, Return of the Living Deadpool (2015) #1-4 and Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars (2015) #1-4.

    Written by Duane Swierczynski, Gerry Duggan, Peter David, and Cullen Bunn. Art by Pepe Larraz, Matteo Lolli, Scott Koblish, and Nicole Virella.

    Back up the minibus, it's time for a second trip into the crazy world of the Deadpool limited series, where anything can happen - and probably will! Everything you knew about Deadpool and Cable was wrong - find out why in a time-hopping showdown with the original X-Force! When Wade crosses paths with the avenging archer Hawkeye, it's merc against marksman! Sun Tzu? Sun who?! DEADPOOL'S ART OF WAR is the only masterwork of military strategy Loki needs to conquer Earth! What's worse than a plague of the walking dead? A plague of walking Deadpools! And three decades after SECRET WARS, discover how Deadpool waged the most secretive warfare of all on the original Battleworld!

    Hardcover, 512 pages, full color.

    Cover price $75.00.

  • Issue #3-1ST
    Deadpool Minibus HC (2014- Marvel) 1st Edition 3-1ST Deadpool Minibus HC (2014- Marvel) 1st Edition 3-1ST

    Volume 3 - 1st printing. Collects Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos (2015) #1-4, Deadpool vs. Thanos (2015) #1-4, Deadpool and Cable: Split Second (2015) #1-3, Deadpool vs. Gambit (2016) #1-5 and Deadpool: Too Soon? (2016) #1-4.

    Written by Gerry Duggan, Tim Seeley, Fabian Nicieza, Joshua Corin, Ben Acker and Ben Blacker. Art by Salva Espin, Elmo Bondoc, Reilly Brown, Todd Nauck, Danillo Beyruth and Kevin Wada. Cover by Tradd Moore.

    The Minibus rides again! When SECRET WARS reshapes the cosmos, Shiklah and her groovy ghoulies take center stage in a world without Wade Wilson! Then, the Merc returns for a pair of showdowns with the Mad Titan and the Ragin' Cajun! Can Deadpool win in a deadly love triangle with Thanos? And will he survive one last job with his longtime con-job partner Gambit? Best frenemies Deadpool and Cable rub shoulders and trade bullets once more when Nathan is tasked with keeping one man alive - the same guy Wade has been hired to take out! And when Forbush Man is murdered, can Deadpool stop a serial killer from offing all of Marvel's funniest characters?

    Hardcover, 544 pages, full color.

    Cover price $75.00.