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Batman 80-Page Giant (1998) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Batman 80-Page Giant (1998) 1

    Nightwing, Robin, Huntress. Brian Stelfreeze cover. Cover price $4.95.

  • Issue #2
    Batman 80-Page Giant (1998) 2

    Written by D.G. Chichester, Ian Edginton, Ben Raab, and various; art By Sal Buscema, Steve Pugh, William Rosado, and various; cover by Damion Scott and Robert Campanella In stores August 18. Luck plays tricks on the Batman family of characters in stories set before Gotham City became a "No Man's Land." Included: the assassin known as Deadshot sets his sights on the Batman (written by Scott Beatty with art by William Rosado); Nightwing follows Tim Drake on the night before he became Robin (written by Ian Edgington with art by Steve Pugh); Huntress matches wits with the Riddler with lives hanging in the balance (written by D.G. Chichester, with art by N. Steven Harris and Rich Faber); and Two-Face plays a game of Russian Roulette with Batman and a mobster as his prisoners (written by Jim Alexander with art by Karl Woller). Plus: A poker game at Arkham Asylum leads to trouble for its inmates and for the Dark Knight (written by Ben Raab with art by Sal Buscema); Batman and the Gotham City Police face the menace of Poison Ivy and her plant menagerie (written by Peter Hogan with art by Jordan Raskin); and a mysterious black cat leads Catwoman on a trail of violence and horror (co-written by Jim Balent and Janet Harvey with art by Balent and David Roach). FC, 80 pg.$4.95" Cover price $4.95.

  • Issue #3
    Batman 80-Page Giant (1998) 3

    WIRTTEN BY CHUCK DIXON; ART BY JOE STATON, GRAHAM NOLAN, MIKE DEODATO, JR., DALE EAGLESHAM, JOHN FLOYD, AND VARIOUS; COVER BY EAGLESHAM AND FLOYD In stores May 10. A triple-length story written by Chuck Dixon pits Batman and Robin against a deadlier-than-ever Calendar Man! Driven over the edge when he spends January 1, 2000 imprisoned, the Calendar Man seeks revenge for making him miss the biggest calendar-based event of the millennium! Can Batman, Robin and the entire GCPD outwit him before all Gotham City pays the price for his madness? For more information, see the feature article. FC, 80 PG. Cover price $5.95.