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Comic books October 1997, graded by CGC

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    Auction Item: Sensational Spider-Man (1996 1st Series) 20 CGC 9.8 SS

    • Paper: White
    • Signed by Todd DeZago on 09/22/2017.
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    "Akasha Triumphant" Part 2 of 2. Plot by Richard Case. Script by Todd Dezago. Art by Richard Case. Cover by Richard Case. The Living Pharaoh roams the streets of New York City! And the wondrous wall-crawler frantically searches for the new pharaoh (aka Akasha) before she can do anymore damage with the Staff of Horus! Eventually Spider-Man and Akasha's father locate her in Greenwich Village! Can they break the Living Monolith's control over her? Or will Akasha restore the glory of ancient Egypt in the modern day? Cameo appearances by Mary Jane Watson and Betty Brant. (Note: This issue features a gatefold cover detailing the current storyline.) 32 pages. Cover price $1.99.

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    They were searching for Splinter, but instead, the Turtles found themselves face to face with a being of unspeakable evil calling itself DeathWatch! Twenty years ago, he was a vicious mass-murderer who traded life on Death Row for a one-way ticket to the stars aboard a manned space probe. Now he's returned to Earth horribly transformed and even deadlier than before, and the Turtles must find some way to end his reign of terror! Guest-starring Vanguard, that really strange visitor from another planet. Written by Gary Carlson. Art by Frank Fosco and Andrew Pepoy. Cover by Frank Fosco and Erik Larsen. B/W 24 pg. Cover price $2.95.

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