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Satisfied Sellers

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Buddy, I accept your offer--please add the credit to my online account.
— Jeffrey C., San Antonio, TX

Your offer sounds great, and I do appreciate it. Thanks again, Buddy and take care. We'll see what else is lurking on the attic.
— Tony L., Chicago, IL

Glad to accept your offer for my comics.
— Bryan S., Grafton, OH

It's really great doing business with you.
— Karlton T., Austin, TX

I accept your offer. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
— Josh W., Purear, TN

Mr. Saunders, the payment was received. I want to thank you for the great deal! God bless.
— Jose M., Trujillo Alto, PR

I wish to sell my collection to you at the agreed upon price.
— James W., Phoenix, AZ

Buddy, The offer is satisfactory. Please send check. Thanks for being very professional with my comics transaction I appreciate the informative e-mails, they become a permanent copy for me to keep. If only other dealers would follow your procedures, how much more beneficial it would be.
— Stan B., Moore, OK

Buddy, The offer looks great.
— Hans C., Waco, TX

I accept your offer.
— Robert M., Dodge City, KS

Thanks, again, guys!!! You are the best in the business!!!
— Mark B., Highland, NY

Buddy,  I accept your offer.  It's a fair price.
— Joe T., Greenville, SC

That will be fine.  I will be using it for trade. Thank you.
— John B., Millville, NJ

Hi Buddy, I received your check Saturday. Thanks for making this transaction fast and enjoyable for me; it was my first time selling.
— Jon P., Papillon, NE

I just received my latest purchase from you (I'm selling my comic books to you for credit and getting TPBs in their place), and you send books in the BEST condition.  I am always amazed (and happy) to see how meticulously all of you pack the books, and I've never received one that doesn't look like it's mint. Thanks! 
— Tommy M., High Point, NC

The offer is acceptable. I have 4 more boxes which will be sent in the 1-2 days that will also be under Option #1B,  Please keep an eye out for them.
— Roger R., Los Alamos, NM

Hi Buddy, Here are some more comics from my collection. It's a pleasure trading with you guys.
— Mike W., Auburn, NY

I had the pleasure of selling some of my collection to you earlier this year, and I have a new lot of pre-1980 comics for you to take a look at.
— Fred L., Tacoma, WA

Here is another bunch for your review. Also, got my order, packing was superb!
— Edwin W., New Hartford, CT

It works for me thank you very much!
— William B., Orchard Park, NY

Thanks. The check came today. You guys are the best!
— Steven B., New York City, NY

After our last successful transaction in September, I am sending you another box of my Silver Age collection. Yesterday I shipped one long box of 265 Marvel and DC titles under OPTION 1B.
— Mark M., Los Angeles, CA

Dear Buddy, I am happy to accept your offer for the comic shipment I sent you. Thanks for purchasing.
— Bryan S., Grafton, OH

Thanks for the quick response and yes, I will accept your offer.
— Margaret C., Clifton, NJ

Your trade offer sounds great. Please credit my account. Thanks much!
— Scott R. R., Glendale, WI

Thank you for my beloved comic books. I hope you all have a nice day. Great selection and WAY cheaper than your competitor.
— Daniel M., Carlsbad, CA

After pondering your offer, I believe your grading and pricing were quite fair. Thank you once again for all your hard work.
— Jordan L., Lowell, OH

I accept your offer. Please credit my account. Thank you.
— Brando R., Florence, Italy

The offer is very satisfactory (This transaction was accomplished in a speedy manner. You guys are very efficient! Thanks.) Another package is on its way to you.
— Stan B., Moore, OK

Hi, seeking your OK to sent some books via the option #3 along with my Option #2 online transaction. Just want to say you guys and gals have been great to deal with.
— Richard W., Marlborough, MA

Buddy, How are you? Thanks for purchasing my comics. I am satisfied with your offer for the lot. Once again I appreciate the information regarding the grades of the comics and the averaging. I recently sent some comics to one of your competitors. The comics in the best condition were pulled and the rest were returned. ( A lesson learned and filed for future reference.)  I'm working on  another shipment  to be sent to you.
— Stan B., Moore, OK

Again, I thank you, and most certainly accept your offer. It has been MY PLEASURE, kind sir! Have a great day!
— Darell L. M., Gillette, WY

I'm glad to hear my comics have been processed.  I accept your offer.  Once again, thank you. It's been good doing business with you and Lone Star Comics.
— Jordan L., Lowell, OH

The amount offered is accepted. Thank you
— Chris A., Yuma, AZ

Buddy, Once again I would to thank you for the pleasure it was doing business with you and Lone Star Comics. Through the whole process, everyone was friendly and treated me like I was the best customer you have. When I approached you to sell part of my collection, I was skeptical about getting a fair price after talking with other stores. Not only was your offer fair, it exceeded my expectations. You actually explained ways I could make more money using your online wish list which is unheard of with other businesses. I would highly recommend you to any of my friends for their comic needs.
— John Wimmer C., TX,

Thanks, Buddy. Your offer for my most recent lot is accepted.
— John R., Anaheim Hills, CA

Buddy, Thanks as always and offer accepted. I appreciate your outstanding site and continue to tell customers and other dealers about it. Dan at Famous Faces, Riverton, IL
— Dan F., Riverton, IL

Mr. Saunders, I will be happy to sell you the comics collection at stated price. Thank you very much for taking the time to look at the collection. It was nice doing business with you.
— Earl M., San Angelo, TX

It's a deal! Thanks!
— Jeff L., Vashon, WA

Buddy, Yes, I'll accept your offer to buy my option 1A comics for the quoted price. Thank you for reviewing my comics, and for such a quick transaction.
— Jan Z., Toledo, OH

Your offer is accepted. Thank you for your services!  
— Jana T., Greer, SC

I'd like to say that I've found the site to be incredibly helpful (especially as I continue to sell my back issues) and everyone I've talked to via e-mail has been courteous, friendly, and informative. Congratulations on a great job to all involved.
— Scott M., Poughkeepsie, NY

Hi Buddy, This sounds good.  Please send payment to the address you have for me.
— George H., Corning, IA

I think your offer is fair, and I accept.
— Edward H., Rocky River, OH

We just wanted to let you know we appreciate doing business with you. You were fast, efficient, and we feel fair in your dealings with us. Thank you again.
— Mischa P., Montezuma, MI

Yes, that's an acceptable offer. Than you.
— Brian M., Idaho Falls, ID

I accept your offer. I hope to continue to do business with you in the future.
— Josh W., Puryear, TN

Thanks for the quick work. Your offer is accepted. Please apply credit to my account.
— Darren T., Garden Grove, CA

Thank you very much for your time and continually flawless transactions.
— Nathaniel P., Fayetteville, AR

Thank you for the offer. I will be happy to accept it. Thanks so much for your time and effort in evaluating our comics.
— Genevieve M., Plano, TX

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