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When I had to liquidate my mother's estate, I knew there were people who would love to have some of the comics she had saved. I also knew I couldn't begin to find and contact them. Then I found the Lone Star Comic web page and I was so pleased that they would do it for me. It is truly a win-win situation.
— Jeri M., Mount Harmon, CA

Gentlemen, I followed your advice when I decided to sell my comics and went to three other stores in my area. While there was interest in some of my comics, there was little interest in my entire collection. I must say that your offer was by far the best. As a matter of fact, your offer was just over three times my local offers. Your evaluation was very much in line with what I received here, but your offer was much better. I didn't have to haggle or offer some of my books to sell others. You made this real easy. Thank you for your honesty in your evaluations. I see that there is a great deal of integrity within your organization. In an era of false advertising, it is hard to know who to trust. It is good to see someone you can rely on to mean what they say. Thanks again for making this easy for me.
— Mike S., Carteret, NJ

Thank you for the professional and timely treatment.  You lived up to every promise you made including the generous offer. Your business is certainly first class, and I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking to buy or sell comics.
— Will E., Mt. Vernon, OH

Your offer is more than fair, and I definitely accept.  I am *very* pleased; your advertisements did not overstate the fact that your offers are fair and even generous!  The next time I can get to my storage unit, I will pull out more comics to send to your company.  One collection I am thinking of selling is the entire run (from the old western issues) of Jonah Hex, most of which are in F/NM. Thanks again for your offer and I accept!
— Vince P., Grand Junction, CO

Buddy delivered on everything he promised.  He has a terrific web site which outlines the entire selling process and answers all your questions up front. I recommend to anyone wanting to sell their old comic collections to use Buddy's service,
— Jim M., Waukesha, WI

I was extremely impressed and very satisfied about my recent experience selling about 50 1940's era comic books through your company.  The amount offered, the service, and the detailed explanation of how the condition of my comics were evaluated exceeded my expectations.  I live in a rural area, where even finding a nearby comic shop is difficult.  I was uncertain about mailing valuable comics to be evaluated, but the next time I am interested in selling some comics, I will go to Lone Star Comics first. 
— Michael C., Worcestor, NY

Buddy, Lone Star's superior customer service, promptness and fairness epitomize the very thing which are missing in our world. I was apprehensive to ship my comics to you at first, but now after completing my first sale, I will be shipping more stuff your way. Your offer was about 15% below what I thought I may get (I was a bit off in my grading), but was 3 times more than the locals were offering.  I live in Iowa, I shipped my comics late in the afternoon on Tuesday, and I will have your check in hand Saturday morning. I dare anyone to find a quicker turnaround than that. The ease of your system has made me want to deal with your company for years to come. Thank you. I hope someone enjoys my Tales of Suspense #1, and have a great day.
— Chris C., Tiffin, IA

Just received my latest offer for a trade/sale transaction. It was a very good offer, thanks again! I just realized I've been selling/trading with Lone Star Comics for about 18 months (How time flies when you're having fun!). The reasons that keep me coming back are good offers, courtesy and your professional way of transacting business. An option that you have which is very appealing to me is part % cash / part % trade.  I not only get cash for what I send in, but also receive trade credit that goes into my account that can be used to purchase items whenever I want to. It's a win, win situation!
— Stan B., Oklahoma City, OK

Dear Buddy, I just wanted to thank you for working with me on the sale of my Vampirella Magazines. I could not believe it when you said you would meet me at your office ON YOUR DAY OFF to look at my magazines. No other buyer has ever offered to do that for me. When we met, I got a good feeling about you right from the start, and was very comfortable in leaving my magazines with you for review and grading. You were genuinely interested in what I had to say and your grading was very fair. Once I received and accepted your offer, my check arrived within just a few days. Again, something I have never seen. Usually, it takes a couple weeks to get my money from a buyer and I have even had instances where I had to contact them a second time to ?remind them? that I was waiting on payment. This was not the case with Lone Star! I look forward to working with you in the future and wish you the best in your business. We need more folks like you in the industry.
— Tony E., Pfluserville, TX

Hi Buddy, I just wanted express my gratitude. It was great to finally meet you in person. I was pleasantly surprised you were able to offer more cash for my excess Silver Age books than my high end expectation. I was surprised at how quickly you all were able to make that offer, also. There were 22 boxes and less than a week later you had an offer. Superb. I will continue to trade books with you online for issues I am out of stock on and to fill customer want lists. Your web site is so easy to use and so hassle free that I think your programmers deserve a raise!! Once again, it was a pleasure!!!
— Terry S., Houston, TX

Sorry to admit it, but I'm no longer a comic book fan, though I was an avid reader back in the 60's.  Fortunately for me, when I went off to college and the service, my mom didn't throw out my comics.  After contacting a few comic book dealers in my area (St. Louis), I was disappointed in the offers for my comics.  As a result I started surfing various internet sites and decided from the customer feedback that looked the most promising.  Lone Star still offered over double what I thought they were worth.  I talked to a representative on the phone (no waiting!). He was very friendly, honest, and professional.  It has been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience selling to
— James W., Saint Charles, MO

I accept your offer. Thank you so much!
— Patrick G., Houston, TX

Your offer is very fair and I accept.
— Peter C., Derry, NH

A couple of years ago I sent you some comics I found in my attic that once belonged to my deceased brother. I was very pleased with the way you received, processed and then purchased those comics. Now I have found yet another group of comics that are all pre-1980 editions. Things went so well last time, I once again wish to sell this new group of comics in the same manner. I'll be mailing them tomorrow.
— Jana T., Greer, SC

I accept the offer. It is very good and I appreciate the ease of how your system works. It has been a pleasure doing business with your company, and I look forward to future dealings with you.
— William B., Goldsboro, NC

Thank you very much for the offer and I do accept. It has always been a pleasure doing business with such an exceptional business.
— Ted M., Nova Scotia, Canada

Your offer for my comics sounds good. I accept. Thanks.
— Elliot M., Eden Prairie, MN

Hi Buddy, More and more trades coming your way, and the new stuff I've been trading for has been gorgeous. Thanks for a truly unique way of building a silver and golden age collection using current/modern age books as bricks.
— Howard M., Somerset, NJ

Thank you. I accept the offer for my comics. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
— Kim L., Lodi, CA

It's great to do business with Lone Star Comics. You are courteous, prompt and fair. You inspire confidence and I would recommend you to anyone. In fact, I've recommended you to two friends already.
— Mary Lou N., East Hampton, CT

Many thanks! I didn't expect such a quick turn around on such a large shipment. Thanks again!
— Michelle C., Lake Ariel, PA

Wow! I had never used your website for selling/trading! It was very easy. I am looking forward to doing more business with you in the future. Lone Star Comics does it again!!!
— Rick S., Laredo, TX

It's been great dealing with you in the past, and I will be doing more trades with you in the future!
— Patrick W., Van Buren, OH

Hi, Buddy, Right now your early Christmas wishes don't actually feel so early. In fact, Christmas seems right around the corner (or right behind the trees here in the Virginia woods). Either way, they are appreciated. And before I get too far off the subject, I do accept your generous offer for my latest batch of comics. I have another batch of comics that I?ve been too lazy to list and pack. Hopefully, they'll head your way next week. Other than laziness the only excuse I've got for not sending them out is we're shifted into high gear for Christmas right now. But before I make this note into a short novel, let me just wind up by saying I really appreciate you and the folks at Lone Star. I know we're talking business transactions, but it just doesn't feel like it. I feel like I'm dealing with neat people that not only treat me fairly but make time to be personal and really get to know me and my life even though I'm a thousand miles away. That's something that no amount of money can buy. Okay, enough. Thanks again for buying my comics and I hope you'll still be buying them next Christmas also. Wishing all of you a great run towards Christmas, your friend and customer, George T., Virginia
— George T., Montpieler, VA

Dear Buddy, Thank you for your prompt handling of the lost mail situation. Looking forward to doing business with Lone Star in the future. It was very refressing to actually have a live person--and that person being you--answer the phone when I called. lol. I've had to make calls to a number of company's in the last couple of weeks; it's really tedious to go through the automated voice thingy. A live voice was very welcome.
— Ross R., Philadelphia, PA

If EVER you come to New York on a buying trip or to a convention, please let me know. I?d love to shake you hand and say thanks in person, and even buy you lunch?as long as you don?t eat too much! I know how you Texans love your steaks! HaHa!
— James L., Oceanside, NY

Theresa, Amanda, Tia and I would like to wish all the great folks at Lone Star, and especially my pal Buddy, a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. We really are thankful to have you folks to trade with and buy from. Life is good.
— James L., Oceanside, NY

Just wanted to leave a quick note and say thanks for the smooth and timely process regarding my previous trade/sale transaction with your buy/trade program. Much
— Thayik H., Reedsport, OR

Paying with store credit was incredibly easy! Great process from selling my books for credit to picking out my new treasures!
— Matthew H., Stow, OH

I just want to quickly thank you guys again for this service! I'm selling off books because I was a guy with about 15,000 comic books living on his own to a married guy trying to convince his wife we had to accomodate 15,000 books. It hasn't been eaasy in the small house we have together to say the least. I had been selling off runs of books locally for little or next to nothing, trying to cobble together enough to get some collected editions. I never was satisfied with the return for what I was selling. Stumblly upon your site one night changed everything though. I'm emptying those white boxes, but for once, I'm actually seeing my bookshelves fill up in return. I'm building quite the library for myself, and your store has certainly helped! Thank you! It's a great pleasure doing business with you.
— Joseph H., Hershey, PA

Trading and buying comics from you has been a very pleasurable experience. I really appreciate your informative and forthright site.
— David S., Florissant, MO

You have a great selection of titles, many that are unavailable in New Zealand. The trade deal we made was very fair and gave me good value for the comics I traded. The credit makes it very easy to choose from your great selection.
— Greig D., Milton, New Zealand

Website is very user friendly; love the sale prices! Comics trade-in is a great feature. I've had a great experience with this.
— Jim B., Exton, PA

Thanks once again for letting me use my duplicates as trade in to fill holes in my collection.
— Jordan N., San Carlos, CA

The web sale/trade-in works great. Keep up the good work!
— Ryan M., LSC, TX

Thank you for offering trades through your store. The credit payment option is very quick and easy.
— Jeffrey P., Islip, NY

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