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Satisfied Sellers

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I've talked you up so much that a friend of mine (who loves the offerings on your website) has asked me to include some of his books in with my trade this time around!
— David H., Alexandria, VA

Thank you for your offer. The number is correct and I accept the amount you will pay for the group. I have perhaps two more boxes to send and will send a list shortly.
— Mary Lou N., East Hampton, CT

I accept your offer for my comics. I have more comics so we can do more business. Thank you for your time.
— Robert H., LaPlace, LA

Thank you for the promt response. I DO accept your offer. The address you have is correct.Thanks again!
— Robert O., Sedalia, MO

Hi Buddy, I think your offer is very good and I gladly accept it. It was very easy to sell my comics using your sstem. It is a shame a lot of things cannot work so smoothly. Thanks!
— Bill B., Goldsboro, NC

Buddy, I accept your offer. I do appreciate the time taken to review the comics. Your offer is higher than what I would receive elsewhere. Your grading is fair and accurate. I have had great experiences buying comics from your site and now I can say the same about selling my comics.
— Richard H., Apple Valley, MN

Sir, You just purchased some comic books! Send the check. And thank you very much!
— David G., Pottstown, PA

I checked with everyone locally. You made me the best offer for my comics, and then gave me much more than you promised!
— Jon M., Irving, TX

The check arrived yesterday. Thanks for the very prompt service and fair pricing. I have already recommended you to a friend.
— Dick B., San Antonio, TX

The offer for my comic books is acceptable. I'm thrilled to be doing business with you and will be sending another box probably this Saturday. I understand all the items you mentioned in your offer, such as condition, availability, etc. as to the offer itself. I know enough about grading in general to have a decent idea of what to expect from you for my books when I send them. Of course, these are some of "my babies", so from a purely sentimental standpoint, no offer is high enough (HA HA HA!). Thanks again for doing business with me!
— Jonathan D. N., Crestwood, KY

I promise that this will (probably) be the last trade I make for at least a month. Thanks ever so much for the chance to help clean out my closet AND get a great deal on these books.
— Sonny L., Jackson, MS

Dear Buddy, If the amount your offering is in U.S. dollars you have a deal. (It was!)
— Rick M., Alberta, Ontario, Canada

Thanks for the quick response. I accept your offer. It's easier for me to sell a lot at one time than try to sell them individually.
— David S., Savannah, GA

I accept the offer for my comic books. Thank you for the generous bid for my material. It has been a pleasure doing business with you these past few months. Should I sometime down the line decide to further liquidate a portion of my collection, I will begin and end my search with your fine organization.
— Jonathan D. N., Crestwood, KY

Your offer is acceptable. Thanks for a decent price for my collection.
— Jill B., Hurst, IL

I really like using Thanks for making this fantastic service available.
— Jason A., Lewisville, TX

Sure, it's a deal. We will await payment for the comics.
— Carl H., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Thanks for the patience and help. I am going to go through the titles I have remaining soon and will also put my brother in touch with you. Take care.
— Billy F., Garland, TX

Thank you for assisting me with the grading process. I try to follow the grading guide as best my experience allows. However, I am novice at best in my ability to properly grade comics.
— Jason A., Lewisville, TX

It still continues to be a tremendous pleasure doing business with you!
— Steve C., Galloway, OH

Thanks for all the info Buddy!! And thank you for doing business with me.
— Andrew R., Middletown, NY

Thanks for the offer in online trade credit. That sounds great and I'll take it. Thanks and have a good one!
— Scott R., Glendale, WI

Your offer is great. I'll be preparing another box of comics for shipment. Thanks again!
— Robert K., Long Beach, CA

This is a good offer for my comics and I accept it.
— Scott R., Edison, NJ

The offer sounds good to me, and I accept. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.
— Kevin R., Stony Creek, VA

I am trying to rid my garage of 4,000 comics. Finding your website was great. Your online want list and selling cart system has been very helpful.
— John B., Vacaville, CA

The buying service was excellent. Thanks and I'll keep checking your site to see if I have anything else on your want list.
— Bryan E., Shavertown, PA

Buddy, thank you! You made selling my comics easy! And I really appreciate your quick payment. If you ever need a reference to give someone who is going to deal with you, have them contact me!
— George S., Saint Joseph, MI

I didn't know if your shop had any interest in a collection like this but my previous selling experience was so terrific (as well as all my buying experiences) that I thought I would check with you first.
— Steve C., Columbus, OH

Yes, I happily accept your offer (the folks at Visa will be especially thrilled!). You guys are a pleasure to work with. Stand by, I'll have another box heading your way soon.
— Tony L., Chicago, IL

I received my payment today and I just wanted to thank you guys at Lone Star Comics for the great service you've provided for me in the past and recently with the trade of my comics.
— Hans C., Waco, TX

Just a note to tell you the payment for the MAD PBs arrived today. As always with Lone Star a perfect transaction. Thanks for everything!
— Steve C., Colombus, OH

Thanks again. Your payment for the last shipment I sent is paying for an unexpected trip.Selling to you has been a pleasure!
— Mike D., St. Louis, MO

Please consider this E-mail as my accepting your offer for my comics. In a few days I will send another list to you for potential sale. Thanks again in advance for doing business with me.
— Jonathan N., Crestwood, KY

Thanks for another great trade!
— Timothy F., Towson, MD

I accept the offer and appreciate the way that your company has such a good and easy process in place for selling my comics to you.
— William B., Goldsboro, NC

I accept your offer for my comics. Thank you. It's been a pleasure doing business with you.
— Gary S., St. Louis Park, MN

Your offer sounds very good. I accept and I'll have another box on the way to you soon.
— Andrew R., Schenectady, NY

Thanks guys. You made the entire comic trade simple from start to finish and you are very fair. I thought I graded too high on some of my books so I understandy why you downgraded some, but I was also really pleased that there where others you graded higher than my grades. I'll be dealing with you again in the near future.
— Aaron D., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

It's been a while since I sent anything in for trade, and I'm looking forward to trading with you again. You guys are great!
— Brian B., Greenville, SC

I accept your offer. As usual it is a pleasure doing business with you.
— Jeff P., Alexandria, MN

I would like to accept your offer on the lot of comics I sent you. Thank you.
— Chris C., Clay Center, KS

Just want to send you a quick thank you. I've been winnowing my comics collection, trading some comics I don't want for store credit. Your graders have been extremely professional, and even when it would have benefited Lone Star to grade my comics as low as possible, the graders have upgraded some of my comics above what I had estimated them to be. Buddy, who graded my comics today, downgraded two of my comics but upgraded two others. The result leaves me no doubt of your company's honesty and the values it was founded upon. I am thrilled with your service. Please pass these words on to Buddy Saunders. He should be very proud the quality of work you do.
— Jason S., Everett, WA

You guys are absolutely great to deal with, and that buy/sell 'bot of yours is one serious piece of chrome-fuel injected nitroware!
— Len K., Brooklyn, NY

Buddy, I must now express my excitement at having found you as a buyer for my comics. I have never dealt with such an exceptional dealer. This is my second of many wonderful transactions I hope for the future. Anyone who needs to sell comics would be wise to consider you as the buyer. I feel like your are my most trusted friend. I will prepare another shipment for you in the next day or two.
— Ted M., Glace Bay, Nova Scotia

Hi Buddy, I think the offer you made is very fair. Thanks for making the sale of my comics a pleasant one. If I have any more comics to sell, I will certainly contact you again. Thanks for a very pleasant transaction. By the way, as you suggested, I tried to get offers from two local dealers, but in each case they wanted to "cherry pick" the better ones, so I decided to send my comics to you and I'm glad I did.
— John M., Bedford, PA

Yes, I approve the offer! Thank you! Let me say again that I simply could not be happier with the service I have received. Not only did I receive friendly personal communication, but you even helped sort out my shipping error, and gave me more than twice as much as I was expecting! I'll be sending you another offer soon! Thanks again!
— Mike D., St. Louis, MO

This is an awesome site! Easily the best buy/trade system I've seen on the Internet. Looking forward to using my credit.
— Jessie B., Bellevue, NE

I must say that I am really impressed at how simple it is to sell/trade comics with your company! I have printed out my invoice and will ship the comics to you this weekend. It should take at least a month to arrive as I will be sending the comics by surface mail (thanks so much for agreeing to let me use surface mail as the airmail costs are ridiculously high from Malaysia to the USA). Please let me know once the comics arrive. I elected to take 100% credit as there are many back issues that I would like to buy from your company and I am looking forward to doing business with you in the near future. Thanks again for all the help and take care.
— Vijayan V., Selangor, Malaysia

Hi, Lone Star--It's been a pleasure doing business with you guys (so far, I've sold 2 lots of comics off your Wanted List). I've just unearthed another pile of pre-80's Marvel books----all from the mid-to-late-70's--totaling about 130. There's lots of Fantastic Four, X-Men, Hulk, etc-----all in different conditions. I'm ready to send them on out to you, but just wanted to give you advance notice.
— Tony L., Chicago, IL

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