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Comic books in 'Harley Quinn'

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Suicide Squad Unwrapped HC (2018 DC) By Jim Lee 1-1ST Suicide Squad Unwrapped HC (2018 DC) By Jim Lee 1-1ST

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    1st printing. Collects Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad April Fool's Special (2016) and Suicide Squad #1-8.

    Written b Rob Williams. Art and cover by Jim Lee.

    This fantastic new hardcover features Jim Lee's pencil artwork in its purest form! Harley Quinn. Deadshot. Killer Croc. Captain Boomerang. Enchantress. Katana. All deadly criminals sent on the most dangerous missions possible by a government that wants them killed. Their newest challenge? A teammate so powerful that even these murderers and thieves can't control him.

    Hardcover, 176 pages, B&W. Cover price $29.99.

  • Issue #1
    Suicide Squad War Crimes Special (2016) 1

    DC Universe Rebirth Tie-In - Written by John Ostrander. Art by Gus Vasquez and Carlos Rodriguez. Cover by Juan Ferreyra. When a retired American politician is taken to Europe and tried for alleged war crimes, the USA must recover him from an allied nation before terrible truths are revealed. Enter the Suicide Squad, who storm the Hague itself to save America from her own dark secrets. The writer who started a revolution, John Ostrander returns to the Suicide Squad for the first time in a decade to tell one of his boldest and bloodiest stories ever. 48 pages, full color. Rated T+ Cover price $4.99.

  • Issue #1A
    Teen Titans Special (2018 DC) 1A

    Written by Adam Glass. Art by Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques and Sunny Gho. Cover by Robson Rocha and Trevor Scott. Robin, Kid Flash and Red Arrow are sick of the super-hero status quo, and if the adults won't do anything about it, you'd better believe these teenagers will! Following the shocking events of NO JUSTICE, don't miss this special oversized issue that sets the stage for a fearless new direction that will change the Teen Titans forever! 48 pages, full color. Rated T Cover price $4.99.