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This Week's Features

Black Cat Annual #1A
Black Cat Annual #1AYou are cordially invited to the wedding of Black Cat and Spider-Man! Wait. Wha?!
Godzilla Check out our extensive catalogue of hundreds of manga titles and find that perfect gift for the manga fan in your life!
Famous Monsters Chronicles II SC (2019 FantaCo) 1-1ST
Famous Monsters Chronicles II SC (2019 FantaCo) 1-1STFantaCo Publication's incredible 21st-Century 242-page collection of every Famous Monsters of Filmland cover during the Warren years, #1-191, teeming with insightful and sometimes unknown backstories.
Savage Avengers TPB (2019 Marvel) 1-1ST City of Sickles!
Savage Avengers TPB (2019 Marvel) 1-1ST City of Sickles!Wolverine. The Punisher. Elektra. Venom. Brother Voodoo. Conan the Barbarian. Their names alone strike fear in evil doers everywhere. What dread evil could be bad enough to draw the world’s most dangerous team together?
Flash: Year One HC (2019 DC) 1-1ST
Flash: Year One HC (2019 DC) 1-1STAs a forensic scientist, Barry Allen always catches criminals after they've committed their crimes. All that changes one fateful night when Barry is struck by a bolt of lightning and doused in chemicals.
Underdog TPB (2019 American Mythology) 1-1ST
Underdog TPB (2019 American Mythology) 1-1STWith the speed of lightning and a roar of thunder, Underdog zooms out of the sky to combat evil, rescue his girl, and keep his city safe. There’s no need to fear, Underdog is here!
Value Packs
Value Packs Here's your chance to dive into the exciting world of comic collecting at 1980s prices. Not since 1980 have comics been this affordable! You'll receive 3 lbs. of comics, generally about 25-40 comics depending on page count.
Gift Codes
Gift Codes Buying for a collector? A MyComicShop gift code is the answer! Gift codes can be used on everything we offer, including our monthly auction!
Superman: Year One HC (2019 DC) 1-1ST
Superman: Year One HC (2019 DC) 1-1STIndustry legends Frank Miller and John Romita, Jr. team up to bring the fans an amazing, beautiful, and eye-opening take on the origin for the Man of Tomorrow.
Psi-Lords (2019 Valiant) #6A
Psi-Lords (2019 Valiant) #6AYour monthly dose of surreal sci-fi fun has landed! Witness a cosmic trial by combat!
Morbius (2019 Marvel) #1A
Morbius (2019 Marvel) #1AFor years, Nobel Prize winning biologist Michael Morbius has been struggling to cure himself of his vampirism, and now, for the first time in years, one may be within reach! A new series starring Marvel’s Living Vampire!
Detective Comics #1015A
Detective Comics #1015AYear of the Villain Tie-In - Mr. Freeze finally gets what he wants, but frozen hearts don't melt easily, and after years in cryostasis, Nora Fries is the ultimate ice queen. Gotham is doomed!