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This Week's Features

Supergirl (2016) 25A
Supergirl (2016) 25AThis oversized anniversary issue of one of the year's best series packs a punch with Marco Andreyko & Emanuela Lupacchino, Brad Walker, and Dan Jurgens & Tom Derenick all bringing their A-game.
Marvel's First Family
Marvel's First Family 2018 marks the triumphant return of Marvel's First Family - The Fantastic Four! Celebrate with these comics, graphic novels, and collectibles starring the World's Greatest Super Team!
A Very DC Universe Rebirth Holiday Sequel TPB (2018 DC) 1-1ST
A Very DC Universe Rebirth Holiday Sequel TPB (2018 DC) 1-1STJoin Superman, Wonder Woman and& the Flash as they deliver powerful messages of hope like only the World's Greatest Super Heroes can! Collects DC Universe Holiday Special, Green Arrow Annual #1, Batgirl #18 and Trinity #16
Amazing Spider-Man (2018 6th Series) 11A
Amazing Spider-Man (2018 6th Series) 11ANick Spencer's hilarious and back to basics run on Spidey continues as Pete confronts the new reality of a Jameson who...loves him?
Paper Girls TPB (Image) 5-1ST
Paper Girls TPB (Image) 5-1STCan anyone escape fate? That's what Mac and her fellow newspaper delivery girls must discover as they travel from the year 2000 to a distant and dangerous future era of Cleveland, Ohio. Collects Paper Girls #21-25
Batman: Detective Comics TPB (DC Universe Rebirth) 8-1ST On the Outside!
Batman: Detective Comics TPB (DC Universe Rebirth) 8-1ST On the Outside!Batman recruits Black Lightning to help him stop a dangerous new foe. Plus, the macabre return of Deacon Blackfire! Collects Detective Comics #982-987
Value Packs
Value Packs Here's your chance to dive into the exciting world of comic collecting at 1980s prices. Not since 1980 have comics been this affordable! You'll receive 3 lbs. of comics, generally about 25-40 comics depending on page count.
Gift Codes
Gift Codes Buying for a collector? A MyComicShop gift code is the answer! Gift codes can be used on everything we offer, including our monthly auction!
Batman: White Knight TPB (2018 DC Black Label) 1-1ST
Batman: White Knight TPB (2018 DC Black Label) 1-1STThe Joker has gone sane, and now Batman is losing his grip on control. Find out what happens next in the first collected edition from the new DC Black Label imprint!
Mera: Queen of Atlantis TPB (2018 DC) 1-1ST
Mera: Queen of Atlantis TPB (2018 DC) 1-1STThe boys have had their fun fighting over the crown, now what Atlantis needs is a woman’s touch. Mera takes control of the Seven Seas! Collects Mera: Queen of Atlantis (2018 DC) #1-6
Batman Damned (2018 DC) 2A
Batman Damned (2018 DC) 2ATo answer your question- no, they didn't do it again. What they DID do is continue to tell a gorgeous and haunting Batman horror yarn that's an absolute blast to read.
Britannia TPB (Valiant) 3-1ST Lost Eagles of Rome!
Britannia TPB (Valiant) 3-1ST Lost Eagles of Rome!Valiant's descent into the horrors of the ancient world returns with an all-new volume from legendary comics master Peter Milligan and Harvey Award-nominated artist Robert Gill.